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If You Really Care For Her, Then Don’t Hurt Her


Oh, you say love her?

Then how come every time she returns home from a date with you she cries herself to sleep?

If it’s true that you care about her, why is she still so confused?

Let’s get it all out in the open.

It’s too obvious that you have feelings for her, otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered to stay with her. But, let me tell you something.

This thing that is going on between the two of you is not enough.

This relationship, this casual fling, this open- relationship, or whatever the hell it is – this is not making her happy.

Can’t you see that she is miserable?

She is the kind of girl who wants it all or nothing.

And I know for a fact that it’s not her fault that you’re constantly stringing her along. It’s not because she isn’t good enough for you. It’s not that she isn’t the right girl for you. And it is certainly not because she’s an overly attached girlfriend.

It’s you that is the problem.

She… She is perfect for you.

This woman has something in her eyes that you’ve never seen in any other woman before. It’s her appearance, her aura, her posture, the way she talks, her powerful energy, the look in her eyes. Every little thing about her drives you wild.


She simply makes you feel things you’ve never felt before.

And that scares you. I know it does.

But, you cannot allow yourself to hurt her. The fear of committing to one person is normal and pretty frequent among people, but the only way to get people to understand that paranoia is to talk to them.

You cannot say that you care about someone and then leave them hanging once they reveal their innermost feelings to you. That kind of behavior only shows that you don’t care enough, and you don’t really love them as much as you claim you do.

When you really care about a person, you respect them. You’re emotionally present. You’re patient and tolerant with them. You make sure you’re always there to help them. You do everything in your power to let the other person know how much they mean to you.

You don’t disappoint them, and you most certainly don’t ignore them.

Because when you really love someone from the bottom of your heart, there are no limits. There are no boundaries, no fears, no inhibitions.

It’s only you and them. Nothing else.

So, if you really care about her like you say you do, then please, don’t hurt her.

Try to get inside her own head and understand what she’s going through. She’s trying to decipher your behavior, but she has no logical explanation for it. She is constantly wondering where she went wrong, but she cannot seem to figure it out.

If you see her as a one-time fling, make yourself clear. Don’t string her along.

But, if it’s true that you really care about her, then don’t hurt her feelings.

Man up, open your heart and embrace your feelings. Let her know how you really feel.

More importantly, whatever you’re experiencing inside, tell her. Even if you’re scared, or simply new at this thing called love. Reach out to her and let her help you.

If you respect her and open your heart to her, she will love you even more.

Stephanie Reeds