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Stop Apologizing To Shitty People Like You Are The One In The Wrong


Stop apologizing to toxic people. Don’t let them treat you like you are the villain when they screw something up. Don’t let them make you the bad person. Don’t allow them to get angry at you when the only person who has a right to be angry is you.

Stop apologizing to shitty partners because you did nothing wrong.

Don’t allow them to blame you for everything that goes wrong in your relationship. When they lie to you, cheat on you, and scream at you for no reason, don’t let them make everything about you. Don’t blame yourself when you didn’t do anything wrong.

Their actions and mistakes are not yours to take responsibility for. And you most certainly don’t owe them an apology for their reckless behavior.

And when they tell you they did all that because they love you, don’t take this shitty attempt to shift the blame as an excuse to their behavior. Don’t excuse them for being a-holes.

If they cannot control themselves and their temper, it’s not your fault.

In a mature and healthy relationship partners talk openly about the problems in a respectful and loving way. They make compromises. They openly express their feelings and apologize when they make a mistake.

They don’t scream, shift blame, accuse, or slam doors.

So, stop apologizing to toxic partners and stop settling for shitty relationships.

You deserve better. Don’t believe when they say you can’t find someone better. Don’t believe when they tell you that no one will love you as they do. Don’t believe a word they say because they already proved you they are liars.

You know what you need to do. So stop hesitating your decision to leave them. Don’t allow them to fool you by acting all nice and loving after they sense your absence.

Just leave and don’t look back.

Mary Wright