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7 Uplifting Signs That You’re Moving On From A Depressive Episode


You were stuck in this depressive episode for what felt like an eternity. Nothing made you happy anymore and you didn’t want to see people or do anything. Because of the way that you felt, your entire day to day life was completely disrupted. You’d started to think that you would never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thankfully, it didn’t last forever. Although you may not be feeling completely back to normal, you’ve started to experience these 7 uplifting signs that you’re moving on from a depressive episode.

1. You’re Trying to Socialize Again

Although you may have been keeping yourself isolated from the rest of the world, you now want to start seeing people again. The idea of going out and talking to others doesn’t seem as daunting and awful as it did before.

2. Your Eating Habits Have Changed

Recently you’d either been eating too little or too much to cope with your depressive feelings. However, that’s changed suddenly and drastically. Now, you’re still eating the wrong amount, but it’s far different than it was before.

3. You Feel The Need to Clean

Let’s face it, you may not have been keeping things in your home to a great standard. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t, considering how little energy you had. Since you’ve starting climbing out of this depression, you now feel the need to clean your home and make things look nice again.

4. You’ve Taken Up a Hobby That You’d Dropped Before

One of the most common symptoms of depression is losing interest in the things that you used to love. You dropped all your hobbies because they just didn’t bring you joy anymore. Thankfully, you’re started to take an interest in them again and want to pick them back up.

5. Your Sleeping Pattern Has Messed Up

Over the last while, you’d started to get used to your messed up sleeping pattern. However, now it’s messed up in a different way. You’re either sleeping too much or too little, but it’s much different than it was before.

6. You Have More Energy

One of the signs that you’re more likely to notice is how much more energy you have than you’re used to. Whereas before you could barely get out of bed most days, now you actually feel like you can be productive and get stuff done.

7. You Feel Weirdly Optimistic

Naturally, a depressed mind can tend to be very pessimistic. You may have gotten used to that negativity, but it’s all starting to change now. Despite how you’ve been feeling for so long, you’ve started to feel hopeful about the future and a bit more positive than before.

Moving on from a depressive episode doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and some effort to keep going. Although it may be a while until you’re completely back to your old self, one day, you will be. All your fighting will pay off in the end.

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Eva Jackson