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Stay Away From People With Silver Tongues: Most Of Them Have Ulterior Motives

Stay Away From People With Silver Tongues

There are a lot of toxic people out there in the world. And chances are, you’ve met a lot of them. I will also guess and say, you’ve probably even been friends with a few of them as well. I mean, who hasn’t.

The truth is, these people are everywhere. But the tricky thing about them is that you don’t always notice their toxic behaviors at first. No… These individuals hide behind masks. They have a silver tongue, seem very friendly (too friendly, if you ask me) and know exactly what they need to do to become your “trusted” friends.

Their goals aren’t finding real friends, but rather manipulating people and taking advantage of their kindness. Their intentions aren’t pure. They have ulterior motives and they are ruthless when it comes to satisfying their own needs.

 All in all, these are people that you want to stay away from.

Here are 5 warning signs that someone you know has hidden intentions:

1. Everything is always about them. Toxic people are known for their extremely unnatural obsession with themselves. These individuals are convinced that the whole world revolves around them. But they have a trick. In the beginning, they seem like they are very interested to get to know who you are, but then all of a sudden, the topic magically shifts, and the conversation is all about them. What’s even more annoying, they don’t do it in a subtle manner. On the contrary, they will tell you what they need from you without hesitation.  

2. They are very good at persuading people into doing something they don’t want. As I said, these people are born with silver tongues. They are the masters of persuasion. Their ability to spin their words and confuse you which eventually leads to a mess is a method they use to get something they want. Don’t let them talk you into doing things you’d never do. Always follow your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right about them, there must be a good reason for that.

3. There’s only one thing on their mind. To get you to do what they want. So be careful. If this person is doing their best to get you to like them and they are starting to act like they are close to you, when they really aren’t, watch out. They’re playing a game and they will do whatever it takes to win it. Do not allow them to get inside your mind. Don’t give them what they want no matter how persuasive they sound.

4. You have a really bad feeling about them in general. What’s there more to say? If your guts tell you that there is something strange about this person that makes them really suspicious than you already know your answer. Don’t allow yourself to become their victim. Avoid them at all costs. This is the biggest sign that you are in the company of someone who has ulterior motives.

5. Their body language gives them away. It is not really hard to notice it. You just have to concentrate and analyze the way they move, talk or even walk. A liar will have a hard time looking someone in the eye or talking without blinking. They will do whatever it takes to cover up their real intentions. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t powerful enough to reveal their true colors.

Stephanie Reeds