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Being Single Is Not A Problem – It’s An Opportunity To Find Your Path In Life

Being Single Is Not A Problem

Can someone please explain to me why being single in today’s world is still considered the saddest thing that can happen to a person?

How is this a bad thing?

I know that we’ve been raised in a society that has taught us that there are three most important things in life that we must all do if we want to find happiness: Find a decent job, get married and procreate. But come on… It’s the 21st century, and we still pity single people. We still look at them like they are some kind of lepers. We still feel sorry for them.

Hey, people! Wake up.

Being single is not a problem that you have to solve. It is an incredible opportunity to find your own path in life and create your own happiness.

Here are 5 amazing things that you learn when you embrace singlehood:

1. You stop asking for other people’s approval. You no longer care how people see you or what others have to say about you. People’s validation doesn’t matter at all. When you get a taste of single life and embrace singlehood, the only person you work hard to please is yourself. That is a fact.

2. You learn to identify your feelings. When you are single, you have more time to focus on your mental and emotional state, your self-growth and your feelings. Singlehood is an opportunity to explore yourself emotionally and really feel your emotions. This process starts with identifying and classifying your feelings.

Being Single Is Not A Problem

3. You have more time to do all the things that you enjoy. When you are single, the time you would normally spend with a partner if you had a relationship is a time that you can spend doing everything that makes you truly happy. And when I say everything, I really mean everything. When you are single, you are free to pursue even your wildest dream that no other person would support you of.

4. You become more productive. When you are in a relationship, you explore life together. It is a special kind of fulfillment, but there is something about being single that makes the exploring even more exciting. You focus on your own journey. Your dream of creating the life of your dreams. Your main goal is finding yourself and exploring all of the opportunities that life gives you.

5. You have time to sit back and just relax. Being single is not a curse. It doesn’t mean that your life has to be sad and boring. If anything, singlehood gives you more time to reflect on yourself and relax from this fast-paced world when you feel overwhelmed. It is an incredible opportunity that allows you to get to know yourself better and give yourself the time to grow in your own time.

Despite what people think, being single is one of the greatest experiences in life. You release yourself from the expectations of others. You focus on what you need, rather than what someone needs. And ultimately, you learn to live your life by your own rules. 

Stephanie Reeds