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Spiders Are Your Protective Friends And You Shouldn’t Kill Them

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Kill Spiders In Your Home

I understand why someone may be reluctant to listen to my advice. I am afraid of spiders as well. But hear me out. Here’s why next time you see a spider in your home, you should stop yourself from killing it.

Spiders are our fellow organisms which are also an important part of our indoor ecosystem as well as nature. Some spiders get trapped in our homes by accident, while others are only visiting for a short time. Some spiders actually enjoy the warmth of a home atmosphere and they are happy to live there and even make more spiders.

But, don’t worry. These spiders are not dangerous. In fact, they are contributing to living at your home rent-free by eating your pests and even other spiders that get inside unwelcomed.

The most common species are cellar spiders and cobweb spiders. They both make webs and they lie in them waiting for prey to get caught. They eat almost anything that gets into their web – from spiders, pests, and mosquitos to disease-carrying insects. Therefore, killing your spider is like killing an important predator that is protecting your home.

And when it comes to the fear of spiders, it is a natural fear and many people have it. I mean, they have lots of legs and many of them can be poisonous. However, their poison is usually too weak to cause damage to humans. Moreover, there are many entomologists who claim they had fear of spiders as well but they overcome it by watching them closely. You can also do it.

After all, spiders don’t look to get you. Actually, they are avoiding you.

If, however, you can’t stand the thought of having a spider in your house, then instead of killing it, you can try to capture it and gently release it outside. They will find another place to live, and that way, everyone will be happy.

Mary Wright