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Don’t Make It Hard For Her: She Is Growing Distant So She Can Heal

Growing Distant So She Can Heal

Look, she gave everything to make it work. You tried. You both fought for what you two had. The love you had for one another was strong, but I guess it wasn’t strong enough. Or maybe the timing wasn’t on your side.

Whatever it was, the truth is now more than clear. You weren’t meant for each other.

You were never destined to end up together. To spend your lives waking next to each other. To share your lives together. To create a future. To grow beside one another.

The universe may have brought you together, but your unity wasn’t meant to last a lifetime. Your paths crossed for a reason. You needed to learn certain lessons. And then fate pulled you apart. You did everything you could to make it work. But you know what they say… no matter how much you try; you cannot outwit fate.

So, now… Here you are.

Your hearts ache but you cannot do anything to soothe the pain. Your desire for one another increases by the day, but you both know that doing that would only hurt yourself. You are torn between what feels right and what feels logical.

And the only step that you can take next is towards healing.

Growing Distant So She Can Heal

That is the only thing that you can do to make it easier for you and for her. The only thing that will eventually help you move on. Know that it won’t happen overnight. Healing is a process that starts with acceptance. It is a process that takes time and patience.

So, please. Don’t make it harder for her. Don’t make it harder for yourself either.

There is a distance between the two of you, even though you promised to each other that you will try to make it as a friend. But that distance means that she is trying to heal herself.

You notice that she no longer smiles at you with the same joy that she once had in her pretty little eyes. It breaks your heart, I know… but she is just doing her best to cope with the whole situation.

The truth is, she cares about you more than anyone in her life.

But she cannot be around you knowing that she will never ever be able to caress your skin or kiss you.

She cannot condemn herself to a life of pain. And neither can you.

So, please… the next time she pulls away or tries to ignore her, don’t take it personally. Just leave her alone…

She is wounded and she needs time to take care of herself. She is distant because she needs to learn to live on her own again. She ignores you because she has to live regardless of the pain that she is going through right now. She needs to heal her wounds and move on.

Don’t make it hard for her. She deserves to be happy.

Stephanie Reeds