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Sometimes You Have To Ignore Certain Things In Life To Find Your Inner Peace

Sometimes You Have To Ignore Certain Things In Life To Find Your Inner Peace

Life is undoubtedly challenging. It is about surviving the storm, facing the troubles and in the meanwhile, continually working on yourself. It is always about action. Well, almost always…

In my opinion… Sometimes, life is also about ignoring certain things. Because no matter how much people convince you that facing everything head-on is the best policy in life, the truth is… There are things that you must avoid confronting in order to find your inner peace. And learning to do that is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Sometimes you have to ignore the critics, the naysayers, and the pessimists. Ignore all of their opinions, all of their desperate attempts to discourage us and bring yo down. You have to do our best to prevent them from destroying our hopes and dreams with their selfish agendas, poisonous arguments, and toxic words. You have to believe in yourself and not let anyone convince us otherwise. Confrontation is fine and protecting your own interests is more than needed, but sometimes, it’s just now worth it.

Sometimes you have to ignore your insecurities. You have to learn to hush those irrational fears inside of you. You have to ignore the way they get inside our mind, body, and soul and frighten you, making you feel like you are not strong enough to make it work. Sometimes, instead of confronting them, you have to learn to just put them aside for a while until you’re strong enough to face them. That, my friend, is not suppressing your emotions. It’s taking care of yourself.

Sometimes you have to forget about those who left us when you needed them the most. You have to accept the harsh truth and make peace with your reality. You have to stop holding onto broken promises, ridiculously high expectations and relationships that don’t add real value to your life. Sometimes you have to ignore your urges to let these people out of our lives, no matter how needy your heart is. For anyone who left you when you most needed them, will most likely leave you once again.

Sometimes you have to stop yourself from going crazy and ignore some of the tantalizing questions inside your head. And, yes, no matter how counter-intuitive this sounds, sometimes you just have to stop torturing yourself by trying hard to find the answers. Instead, you have to do your best to think of other questions… Questions that won’t torment your mind, but rather questions that will clear all of your doubts the minute you utter them. 

For that’s the only way you’ll ever find your inner peace.

Stephanie Reeds