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Husband Asked Wife To Choose Between Him And The Dogs And Her Choice Was Obvious


For some of us, happiness means passing an exam, finding a job, marrying the love of our life, creating a home, growing old together, playing with our kids, making our favorite dinner, watching our favorite series, etc, etc. But for Liz Haslam, happiness has a different definition.

The only things that warm her heart and bring a smile on her face are rescuing helpless pups and caring for them.


So much that she has even said that she would never ever leave her dogs for anything in the world. When I say anything, I mean anything. And guess what? She meant it.

In a recent interview, she said that she’s been married her entire life. She met Mike (her now ex-husband) when she was only 16 years old and as soon as she finished high school she agreed to marry him. The newlyweds settled in their small home along the English countryside in Barnham, Suffolk. Shortly after that, they became parents to boy names Ollie. And up until recently, they’ve been married for 25 years.


Unfortunately, their love story didn’t last long. The love Liz and Mike shared wasn’t strong enough to face all the obstacles that life brought them. Because as Liz started her journey rescuing poor, abandoned street pups, Mike confronted her with an ultimatum.

He could no longer accept the strange circumstances in which they lived so he decided to stand up for himself. Her answer will shock you.

He asked her to choose between him and the dogs and guess what? Liz chose the dogs.

She also said in the interview that’s the last day she ever saw or heard from her husband.

The reason for their problem is the fact that while Liz was eager to move to their country house and start her business taking care of dogs, Mike was absolutely against it. He felt that her work with the dogs was influencing their relationship. Still, despite all of his efforts to stop her from doing it, she started a foundation to help bull terriers in need and named it Beds for Bullies. And that’s how Liz’s relationship started falling apart.


However unfortunate their story may sound, their divorce didn’t stop Liz from pursuing her dreams and choosing her own journey in life – rescuing, protecting and caring for stray, abandoned bull terriers.

In fact, in her words, she’s never been happier in her entire life.


Stephanie Reeds