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Sometimes It Is Better To Be Alone Than Fake It


What if I were to tell you that they lied to you? What if I told you that having a partner in life is not the only way to be happy?

If you are someone who is always jumping from relationship to relationship you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation where you base your self-worth and the perception of yourself through someone else’s validation and the feelings they have for you.

It is a final time for you to stop trying to meet your needs by being in a relationship, but instead, try living your life unobstructed. What does this mean?

It means being unobstructed by the pressure of being in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. It means don’t force yourself to be with someone that you know you are not compatible with. It means letting go of all your neediness to be with someone to feel as you have a purpose or heal your past wounds.

Because sometimes it is better to be alone and in a relationship with yourself than being in a relationship with someone who diminishes your value and makes you feel even more lonely and depressed.

You have to be on your own before you can find yourself and find your true meaning.

Sometimes it is vital for you to live your life on your own terms. Take a break from everything. Take some time to grow and rediscover yourself. Heal your past wounds, go on a trip, start a new hobby, learn new things… You’ll be surprised by how much things you can do that will help you reconnect with yourself and find your true essence.

I understand that living alone, having your own place, earning your own money, paying your own bills, and not depending on anyone can be a little hard, but it is crucial in the path of finding yourself and becoming an independent and resilient person.

The truth is, there is nothing better than the knowledge that you can take care of yourself. That you are the only person that is responsible for your happiness. That you have all the power.

This is the time to start enjoying all the beautiful little things in the world. To fully grasp everything without needing someone else by your side. To enjoy drinking coffee by yourself on your quiet balcony while listening to your favorite music. To pamper yourself. To paint your nails. To read a book.

To celebrate yourself and all that you are. To stand on your own two feet and be able to fulfill yourself emotionally.

To know that whatever happens YOU are there for YOU. You are the only person who can save yourself.

However, if you have never really been single, this will be hard for you at first. You may find yourself vulnerable to start dating again and even go in the arms of someone that you know is wrong for you. And it is all because of your need to take care and love someone.

So, why instead loving and taking care of someone you start loving and taking care of yourself?

I will tell you that it is time. It is time to heal the wounds of your past relationships and start valuing yourself. It is time to liberate yourself.

Because once you start respecting yourself and taking care of yourself you will feel a peace that you haven’t felt in years. And this peace of mind won’t allow you to make bad decisions and gift your heart to someone who interrupts the peace that you have found within you.

Your standards for relationships will rise drastically. Because you will find everything that you were looking for in you.

You will finally understand that it is better to be alone than fake it and be in a toxic relationship that leaves you drained and depressed.

It is better to follow your dreams and work on achieving your goals than go out of your way for someone who takes you for granted and treats you as an option.

Because you’ll regret spending time on someone that didn’t treat you the way you want to be treated when you could have spent that time working on improving yourself.


Image: Daku Dark

Mary Wright