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An Open Letter To My Soulmate -You Feel Like Home To Me

open letter to my soulmate

This is an open letter to my soulmate.

I once believed I knew what love is. I was satisfied with a mediocre life, a mediocre relationship. You know, the same old, same old – “He cares about me, I care about him”;

“I will never find anything better than this.” stuff.

I actually thought that I had found my ‘forever after’. The person I’ll eventually end up with.

Because I never knew I can be happier than I already was.

That was until I met you. This open letter to the love of my life!

You came into my life and changed my whole existence from its core. From the very first moment our eyes met, I knew there was something much more powerful between us than a simple, flirty gaze.

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You showed me that love has no limits, you revealed a whole new dimension of to me. Something I’ve never felt before. Something I’ve never experienced in my life.

I have no words to describe what I feel about you. But, I’ll give it a try.

So, here’s my open letter to you. My destined soulmate.

The love of my life. The one true keeper of my heart.

I love your eyes. The spark in those big green eyes when you are passionate about something. Your determination to achieve the things you find inspiring.

I love how your penetrating, fiery gaze made the butterflies in my stomach crazy from the very first minute I saw you.

I love the way your look caresses me gently, but at the same time, I adore the way it makes me blush like a shy, little girl.

I love you because you understand my soul. Because you know exactly what to say or do at any given moment.

I LOVE you because I feel like we’re connected on every possible level in this universe. It feels surreal. Infinite. Magical. Yet, you’re right here in my arms.

I love you because no matter where we are or what we do, we always know how to enjoy life.

I love you when you wrap your arms around me and hold me close to you. At that moment, I swear it feels like we’re infinite.

I love you because you are a beautiful, genuine, one-of-a-kind, unapologetic, honest and righteous person. I love you because you possess the purest heart in the whole universe.

I love your politically incorrect, rude, nasty, hilarious jokes. I love that you get my humor.

I love you because you’ll never leave until we makeup and clear the air between us. I love you because no disagreement will ever come between us. I love you because you care.

I love you because you are one hell of a crazy adventurer just like me. I love your wild side and passion for exploring.

I love the fact that you enjoy being at one with nature. There’s nothing in the world that makes me happier than our magical and endless trips across this country.

 I LOVE your excitement and crazy determination to get on the other side of the river. Even if that means ending up soaked up in a cold water or knee deep in mud.

I love you because you put up with my fears and paranoia even though I sometimes tend to sound very irrational. Let’s say borderline psychotic.

I love you because you never stopped fighting for me.

I love your intense and limitless sexual energy, it electrifies my body every time you come near me. I love you because I’m your greatest weakness in bed.

I love you because you make me the happiest girl in the universe.

I love you because you have the power to drive me crazy and make me feel the way I’ve never felt before. I love u because with you finally understood what ‘reaching a state of ecstasy’ feels like.

I love the smell of your skin.

The warmth of your hands. The sensuality of your kiss. The energy that is flowing through your touch and collides with every particle of my body.

I love you because you are my best friend.

I love you because you know the rhythm of my heart.

I love you because you are the tide to my ocean. You know how to calm me down, but at the same time, you know exactly what it takes to drive me crazy and make me beg for more.

I love you because you feel like home to me.

Image: Daku Dark

Stephanie Reeds