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4 Amazing Superpowers Only People With Anxiety Have, According To Science


Dealing with anxiety, in a world where everything that surrounds you is a potential stressor and trigger of every damn mental hurricane inside of you is a difficult thing to do. It feels like being trapped in an endless, dark maze.

Anxiety is real, people. It is not ‘a bad day’, and it’s not ‘a bad mood’ – It’s a mental illness that needs to be taken seriously. These people suffer, and in their eyes, reality looks much more miserable and negative than ours.

It’s their way of perceiving the world.

However, it seems that not everything is black and white. Anxiety disorder does have some silver linings.

These people are used to being alert 24/7. Their heightened sense of everything that surrounds them increases their perception of the world. Therefore, they tend to be in perfect tune with the external stimuli.

So, here are 4 awesome superpowers only people with anxiety have:


Studies have shown that people who tend to worry, experience anxiety attacks and are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder are likely to have higher IQ than others.

Dr. Jeremy Coplan, a study researcher of psychiatry at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center explained that even though anxiety can be harmful and irrational, there are times and situations where a person’s excessive general worry becomes useful and adaptive.

I guess being smart really goes a long way.


Being clairvoyant means possessing an extraordinary ability to predict the things that are bound to eventually happen.

Now, given the fact that people with anxiety tend to spend their lives on a constant alert, it seems that these individuals have gained the ability to detect threating situations and potential dangers.

A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology in 2012 showed that people high in attachment anxiety are more effective in alerting others to threat.


In other words, the ultimate lie detectors.

Lying is one of the worst things us humans do. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a person who fights anxiety in your life, you are covered.

These geniuses have the power to sense a lie even from afar. Their cautious behavior and alertness help them connect all the missing pieces and disclose the truth.


And one of their greatest superpowers is probably their increased and intensified empathy towards other people.

These human beings know exactly what it feels like to be hurt and lost. They know exactly how it feels to be lonely and afraid.

That’s why these beautiful souls are the most loving people. They genuinely care about other people’s feelings.

What’s more, they have the power to sense the energy vibrations around them. Their unmistakable perception helps them recognize potential negative and positive connections with people.


Stephanie Reeds