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Sometimes God Gives You Pain To Heal You And Make You Stronger

Sometimes God Gives You Pain To Heal You And Make You Stronger

I am sure that you’ve heard the saying that everything that happens, happens for a reason. And that if you look at things objectively, you can find something good in a bad situation because everything depends on the outlook we have on life.

You may think that it is only a meaningless phrase when something tells you that after the storm comes the sun and that sometimes it takes losing a battle to win a greater war but let me tell you something. Whether you believe it or not, all these phrases are true.

Bad things happen in life for a reason and all the pain and suffering are part of a bigger cause. You should be thankful for experiencing them because they are there to shape you into a better human being. They are there to open your heart and teach you valuable lessons.

I understand that you may feel lost and hopeless, deeply hurt and suffering after losing a loved one or getting disappointed when you hit a rough patch. During those moments of pain, you ask yourself why God put you through it when you have done nothing wrong to deserve your misfortunes.

But, I want to remind you to keep your faith. Because every single challenge you face is being put on your path for a reason. It a test of your faith and strength. It is an opportunity God gives you to grow into a better person. It is also an opportunity for you to see who your real friends are and who doesn’t deserve a space in your life.

Whenever God sends you pain, He expects you to turn that pain into power. Because He would never send you something that you cannot take. He knows your limits. He is only pushing you outside of your comfort zone because He wants to teach you something.

When He sends you someone toxic in your life, He wants you to realize what kind of people you do and don’t want. He gives you various lessons for you to become more grateful and appreciative of the things you have and the people that are there for you, the people who love you and care about you.

Therefore, whatever happens, remember this: God will put you through pain. He will give you scars and wounds. He will break your heart to open you up and help you become the person you are meant to be. He will rip you open only to sew your parts again in a stronger and more compassionate way.

Be thankful for it. Not everyone gets the opportunity to get reinvented and rise like a phoenix from the ashes stronger and braver. God knows you are meant for great things. Trust in His judgment and His plans for you.

Mary Wright