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Only A Real, Mature Man Could Handle A Strong, Alpha Woman

Only A Real, Mature Man Could Handle An Alpha Woman

She is a strong, independent woman who takes care of herself. She knows what she wants in life and works hard to get it. She is not discouraged by society’s expectations of what a woman should do. On the contrary, that is exactly what helped her become all that she really is. A human being who would never shy away from being unapologetically herself.

So, don’t get me wrong when I say this… but if you are not ready to accept her for who she is, don’t waste your time pretending that you can.

An alpha woman needs someone who will be emotionally and mentally stable. An equal partner whose strength will complement her own. A person who will appreciate her efforts and will gladly reciprocate. A man who won’t be afraid to open his heart and be there for her. Someone who won’t be intimidated to love her just the way she is.

The truth is, it takes a real, mature man to really understand her and handle an alpha woman.

So, please… If you are not ready for love… Don’t date her.

Don’t waste your time around her pretending that you can be the man she needs.

Don’t try to play your silly, manipulative games with her.

Don’t beg her for a chance if you are not willing to commit to a relationship with her.

But most importantly, don’t you dare take her for a fool.

She is not the person you want to underestimate.

An alpha woman is someone who knows exactly what they want in life.  Someone who will never be satisfied with the crumbs. She will never settle for less than she wants and clearly deserves. Even more so, she would never let herself fall for your tricks. She will sense your true intentions from afar. So, don’t bother pretending.

If you are not ready to give yourself completely and love her the way she deserves to be loved, don’t waste your time. More importantly, don’t waste hers.

Because when an alpha woman loves, she loves deeply. Madly. Passionately. Truly. Unconditionally. She tears down her walls and gives her heart completely. Because love is the only thing that she believes in. Love is what makes her world go round. Love is what makes her stronger.

That is exactly why only a real, mature man could understand this woman and give her everything she needs.

She deserves true love. She deserves to fall into an ocean of passion and love. She deserves to be taken care of the same way that she cares for others. She deserves a man who will carry her heart in the palm of his hands for all eternity. She deserves a real partner. Someone who will support her and become a part of her life journey. Someone who will gladly enter her world of intimacy.

Stephanie Reeds