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Sneaky Cat Tries To Steal Chicken Drumstick From Its Owner In A Very Hilarious Way


What happens when you notice that your adorable and seemingly friendly cat suddenly becomes even more friendly and affectionate as it notices a chicken drumstick on the table?

One person caught his cat’s manipulative ways of pretending to be affectionate towards him just to steal his chicken drumstick.

The cat gently licked her owner and pretended to love being cuddled before it inched its way to the chicken leg.

But, sadly, her owner noticed her tactic and before she could get a hold of it, he told it off saying NO!

However, the cat tried again but this time she waited for him to get distracted. 

Do you think the cat managed to steal the drumstick in the end? Find out in the hilarious video below.

Why is your cat being overly nice all of a sudden?

Posted by Colu Colu House 咕噜咕噜宅寄便 on Sunday, June 10, 2018

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