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Tom Hanks Gives His Advice On What Makes A Marriage Happy And Stable


Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson seem to have it all. They have been married for more than 30 years and it seems that their marriage is full of bliss and happiness. Moreover, they appear to be more and happier as the years pass by.

When it comes to what’s their secret, they both agree that it all comes down to the ‘SPARK’. Either you have it with someone or you don’t.

Tom is grateful for having her in his life and always appreciates her. He thanks her for always been there for him and supporting his career. He says that even though she is the mother of his children, she is first his LOVER and he treats her as such.

For a happy and loving marriage, it is important to show appreciation for both the big and small things. Tom with his spouse Rita make sure to cherish one another every day and do little things that make the other person happy.

Moreover, it’s crucial to make time and do something fun together because laughter is a very important thing in a healthy relationship.

“We laugh now at two in the morning as much as we always have,” says Tom.

He stayed with his wife through cancer, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. They survived cancer together.

Tom says that you must be mature yourself to be in a mature relationship. You must be willing to compromise and make sacrifices for the sake of your marriage. He himself has changed his religion for Rita. He was Catholic and she was Greek Orthodox, so he converted to her faith to be together with her and show respect for her religion.

The other crucial thing is acceptance.  Rita loved him when he was bald and with hair. She loved him when he was fat and when he was thin. She always loved him for who he is and that’s why he feels like the luckiest man in the world.

Mary Wright