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8 Things You Learn About Relationships When You Are Finally In A Good One


Some people enter into a relationship out of loneliness. Others get into relationships only when they truly love someone. Regardless of the reasons, I believe that every human being wants to be in a strong, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship.

So, one could wonder – What makes a relationship good? What’s the most important quality that a good relationship needs to have?

I am sure many of you will say that love is the most important thing when it comes to relationships. Because when you have love, what else do you need? Everything will eventually work out, right?

But what happens when love is not enough to sustain a relationship that is slowly falling apart?

I’ve seen many couples who were deeply in love with each other and yet they broke up. I also had to break up with someone who I loved dearly and he loved me too because other things were clearly not functioning well in our relationship even though love was there.

And it wasn’t until I’ve found the person who showed me what it is really like to be in a good relationship that I learned that good relationships need much more than just love.

Here are 8 valuable lessons that I learned about relationships so far.

1. If someone wants to be with you – they’ll be. Simple as that. They will never put themselves in a position to lose you or let anyone ruin the connection between you two. Instead, they’ll let you know how much you mean to them and they’ll make you feel protected and safe.

2. If someone cares about you, they’ll never let you wonder about their feelings for you. They will never string you along or avoid committing to you using lame excuses. They will remove every obstacle that is standing in your way to be with you. They will make it happen.

3. Every successful and healthy relationship needs hard work and effort. You can’t rely only on love. A great relationship requires respect, trust, patience, sacrifice, compassion, understanding, commitment. It needs constant working and bettering of oneself and the relationship.

4. A good relationship is accepting your partner for who they are – with all their strengths and flaws. Their bad habits (even though sometimes get on your nerves) aren’t deal breakers. You accept them because you love your partner and you don’t want to change anything about them. Their imperfections are what makes them special after all.

5. Spending some time apart from your partner doesn’t make you anxious or doubt the relationship. You can be miles apart, but you feel calm because you know that they have love only for you.

6. Conflicts and arguments don’t bring you apart. Instead, they bring you closer and strengthen your relationship.

7. You won’t need to pretend you are someone you are not just to impress them. When you are in a good relationship, you learn that you can make a fool of yourself and embarrass yourself in many ways and yet, your loved one will be there to support you instead of making you feel bad. They will always make you feel better about yourself.

8. When you are finally in a good relationship, you feel completely satisfied with the relationship and your partner. You don’t question your choice. You don’t look around to see whether you can find someone better. Instead, you feel relieved and incredibly lucky to have finally found the person you’ve always been looking for.

Have you found your person who taught you what it feels like to be in a good relationship?

Mary Wright