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She Goes The Extra Mile For Those She Loves, That’s Why She’s Strong

She Goes The Extra Mile For Those She Loves, That’s Why She’s Strong

She has lonely, distant eyes. She carries sadness inside, but she does not let it be seen. Because she is strong.

She is strong because she fights social anxiety every time she goes to the supermarket or to a restaurant and she fights it with kindness. She pushes her limits and gets out of her comfort zone, daily.

She is strong because she never quits. She faces all of life’s challenges and she goes along all those bumpy roads life serves her. She is vigorous and resolute.

Being a wife and a mother and maintaining a job is not easy, but she does not complain. She goes out there, she does what she has to do – all by herself. The cooking and the cleaning and whatnot.  She is not tired of raising a child, rather, she gathers the strength from her family, from her work – that is what makes her unique.

She is not waiting to be rescued; she wears her heart on her sleeve despite being terrified of being judged or criticized. She talks about her feelings, she communicates her fears and her hesitations, she is honest and simple. She understands the complexity of this world, she tries to find the middle ground so that everyone is happy, and she tries to be understanding.

She needs a shoulder to cry on every now and then, nonetheless, she never stops smiling. Her smile brightens even the darkest room because she radiates kindness, generosity; she is warm-hearted.

She is strong because she wakes up every morning and she deals with her problems sensibly; she is patient and she won’t say even a single spiteful thing when she is mad. Because she tries to understand how the other person is feeling before she jumps to say something potentially hurtful.

She is not overly confident, yet she tries to encourage others to embrace their self-worth.

Because she is strong.

She is willing to go the extra mile for people and say she is wrong even when she is right. She apologizes for things that aren’t even her fault because she knows it takes years to mend a friendship. Because she is humble. A true peace advocate.

She knows jumping over that red line called ego by some or pride by others is hard for some people, so she is always the one making the first step. She weathers the storms alone, getting the energy from the people she loves.

She tirelessly works, invests in good relationships, fights for her children, and does all the work at home – because she knows you cannot be successful at something, you cannot love something without going that extra mile. Without showing your vulnerability and without making a sacrifice, she knows –  there is no passion.

A strong woman like her is not shallow. She is not a lazy listener. No, she listens, and she engages in the conversation, trying to give genuine, friendly advice. 

Strength is not only physical; strength is more like an innate feeling that drives you to do the things you never thought you would do, despite the fears inside of you.

Strength is knowing how much you can bear and still agree to carry more than you actually can. Out of love. 

Nora Connel