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The Right People Won’t Walk Away From You

The Right People Won’t Walk Away From You

A while ago, I heard an old saying and it goes like this:
“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

Life is sometimes a surprise and sometimes a disappointment. People are often the reason for that surprise or disappointment.

We meet all kinds of people over the course of our life. They come and go. And the ones that stay are the right people for us.

I am happy and blessed to be surrounded by good friends and family. In the past, I had a lot of people going in and out of my life and I was devastated every time they left. I was devastated when, in fact, I shouldn’t have been. Because they weren’t the ones that I needed to stay in my life. Because now, I have a few friends and they mean the world to me. They may be a few, but they are the ones that are worth keeping..

Even if you lose somebody in your life, that doesn’t mean that you should lose yourself too.

Some people come into your life for a reason, but this doesn’t always mean that they are going to stay forever. The reason these people come into your life might be that you need their guidance or support.

God brings them into your life so as to make it easier. And once you learn the lessons they’re supposed to teach you, they leave. They move on. You move on too. And you’re happy you’ve learned something from them. 

People that come into your life for a season are usually the ones that bring you joy and laughter. They are usually the ones you meet during summer vacations. They usually teach you something you never knew before. They give you endless amounts of joy and laughter.

But, they are there only for the summer season. And because of that, every time you think of summer, you think of them. And all the joy and laughter you had brings refreshing memories.

The right people that stay in your life forever are the ones that come with a label package – Lifetime. Lifetime relationships and lifetime friendships don’t have an expiration date. You don’t have doubts about these people. You just know that they’re there to stay.

They feel like family. You share food with them. You drink wine with them. You exchange opinions with them. You cry with them and you laugh with them.  

When you’re surrounded by the right people, there’s no place for insecurity and fakeness. You are your bare self. You are tranquil, you are at ease. When you have the right people beside you, you can always overcome life’s difficulties.

The right people will love you for yourself. They won’t try to change you. And that is genuine. That feels good and right.

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