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Parents Should Teach Your Children To Take Responsibility For Their Actions


There are reasons why children nowadays don’t give their best to do what’s expected from them. And in most cases, it is their parents who are at fault.

Namely, when parents see their child is bored, they immediately start looking for ways to entertain them. They feel that their kids must be happy all the time otherwise they feel they are failing at being good parents.

When our children get bored, the best thing we should do is to train their brains instead. We should engage them in games and activities that activate their brain so that they can be more prepared for school.

Another mistake that parents make is doing anything to make their kids happy. They buy them toys and give them whatever they want to stop them from crying and see them smile.

However, instead of fulfilling all their wishes, parents should focus on teaching their kids to delay gratification. Because if the kids don’t learn that to get what they want they need to make sacrifices, they will suffer later in life.

Further, by allowing their kids to spend most of the time on their computers and their phones, their physical and mental wellbeing will suffer due to the lack of physical exercise. Plus, all modern technology has isolated them from their friends and relatives. Children no longer play outdoors which also has consequences on their overall wellbeing. They may grow up to lack social skills and become even more isolated.

Parents should focus on setting boundaries for their kids. They should learn to take responsibility for their mistakes. They should learn that they need to deserve the things their parents give to them.

Parents should also insist on spending more time with their children outside. They should do outdoor activities with them and leave their phones at home.

And most importantly, parents should teach their kids to accept whatever life throws at them, good or bad. They should teach them to look at failures and defeats as new beginnings.

They should teach them to be kind and hardworking people. People who will make this world a better place.

Mary Wright