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‘Sarmassophobia’ Might Be The Reason Why You Are Single – Do You Have It?


Maybe you have joked about with someone saying that you are afraid of commitments and that’s why you are single. Well, this could very well be the truth especially if you are feeling anxious anytime you go on a date with someone new.

So, here are 8 signs that you might have ‘sarmassophobia’ or fear of love.

1. You are very fussy. You are constantly looking for minor signs and things you don’t like about the person that you are dealing with so that you can escape from meeting them altogether. Others say you are too picky, but you are just afraid of the actual meet up.

2. You feel physically sick before going out on a date. You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. All you can think about is the upcoming date and what’s going to happen. What they will be like. Others tell you to chill and relax, but you can’t. You are extremely stressed and anxious.

3. You were in a situation when you leave the date without even telling them you were leaving. This is really a bad thing. And what’s even worse is if the date was going really well, and you decided to leave because you couldn’t take that amount of pressure to date someone that you really like and connect with.

4. Your fear probably stems from your childhood. Your parents’ relationship has a huge influence on your love life. If they were distant, guarded, and they were not showing you love or they neglected you – you might fear that your partner will neglect you too.

5. You love to flirt, but you leave before things get real. This is because you fear commitment. You want to have fun and flirt with others, but you don’t want to materialize the relationship. You leave before things get too serious and overwhelming for you.

6. Sometimes, you really want to be in a relationship. You are not superficial after all. You are a human being and you need love. You are not only looking to have fun as many people around you believe. You do want a relationship, but you are too anxious to be in one.

7. You are guilty of ghosting people. Yes, you know that ghosting is a horrible thing to do, but you couldn’t deal with your anxiety anymore. So, you just left because you were also terrified of speaking up to the person.

8. When your partner decides to end things with you, you actually feel relieved. Instead of being in pain and feeling a loss when your partner decides to break up with you – you feel an actual relief because you subconsciously already feared the end of the relationship. So, now that it’s over, you can finally relax. 


Mary Wright