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Release The Agonizing Dilemmas, Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Own Mind

Release The Agonizing Dilemmas, Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Own Mind

Okay, enough of that empowering realize-your-worth crap you’ve been reading. You think good people don’t exist and everyone you meet ends up hurting you? Well, it’s time you stopped being such a snowflake and it’s time you changed your perspective.

If you want to become immune to life’s bullshit, read on:


Chasing the wind, chasing butterflies, chasing perfection…it’s all just chasing pavements. It all comes down to zero. You can’t attain perfection, so why bother? There will never be the perfect time to get married, or lose weight, or go to that concert. The right time is now. You can’t expect the perfect situation to pop up, otherwise you’ll be waiting forever. The keyword here is now.


This one is easier said than done but try it. Have you imagined what would happen if you constantly wait for someone else to fix your problems or save you? You are going to be waiting forever. Even if someone tries to help you by solving your problems, don’t even for a second fool yourself that this is going to make you happy.

You can achieve happiness and feel comfortable in your own skin by standing up for yourself and fixing what’s broken, not throwing the blame on other people. Only you can save yourself – it’s your responsibility to do it.


Before succeeding, you are probably going to fail like zillion times, so just accept every failure you experience. Failure will teach you what success can never, so don’t stress over. Failure is part of the journey.


You cannot invent a time machine and go back in time. What you can do is get stuck in between and that sucks. It means you are going to miss out on your life. So, no time machines, no regrets, just lessons learned. Once you acquire this approach – you will solve half of your problems. Overthinking is one of them.


Being busy and productive are two different things. A lot of people say they are busy for the sake of being busy not because they really are. If you need to get something done, turn off your phone and do it. Don’t go talking about it all day long and then postpone it.

Organize your time and your work smarter if you want to have more leisure time. Focus on writing that report or repairing the dishwasher but like, really focus, and don’t get distracted by Netflix or social media.

Constantly saying how busy you are (meanwhile just lying on the sofa, eating popcorn and procrastinating) and ditching your friends or family because of it is inexcusable.


Let’s face the ugly truth: people die every day. If you don’t build constructive relationships with those you love, crying when they are gone is not going to change anything. You show people you care about them here and now.

Seize every opportunity you have to spend time with the people that matter in your life. Don’t delay saying: I love you, or I am sorry, or That’s a smashing sweater you are wearing today because life is short and transient.


It’s all in your head, baby. People are not against you; they are not conspiring to make your life an unbearable living hell. You need to release the negativity, the nerve-racking frets, and the agonizing, imaginary conflicts you have in your head on the basis of the way someone looked at you or a misinterpretation of what someone said to you.

If you often find yourself having negative thoughts, try to fight that instead of imagining the worst-case scenarios. The sooner you realize the tricks of the mind, the sooner you will set yourself free.

Nora Connel