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A Real Man Chooses To Love, Honor, Respect And Be Faithful To One Woman

A Real Man Chooses To Love, Honor, Respect And Be Faithful To One Woman

I know your mind is messed up. You no longer believe in that good, old definition of love. He changed your reality. Lowered your standards. Broke your heart. Convinced you that love is difficult. Took away your hopes. And made you think that there is no point in fighting for love…

And I know you find it hard to believe people after him… I know you’re too cautious around men. But, here’s the truth. It may be hard for you to accept this right now, but all not all men are the same. Not all of them are out there trying to break your heart. Not all of them give up after the first hurdle. Not all of them want to play you…

There are real men out there that have hearts full of love and understanding…

1. They know that love is one of the most amazing feelings in the Universe. Real men know how rare true love is nowadays. They know how rotten and wicked this world today is. That is why love is the only thing that keeps them alive and gives them the strength to get up in the morning. Real men know that true love is worth fighting for.

2. They don’t try to change their partners – They fall in love with flaws and imperfections. It is all about empathy, respect, mutual understanding, and compassion. Real men fall in love with the real version of people. It is exactly the differences and peculiarities in a person that makes them fall madly in love with someone. They would never try to change their partner or mold them into someone else.

A Real Man Chooses To Love, Honor, Respect And Be Faithful To One Woman

3. They support their loved ones every step of the way. A real mature man who knows exactly what he wants out of life isn’t afraid to stand by his partner’s side despite all the obstacles and all the hardships in life. It’s simple. When he says I do, he means it from his heart. His promise means I will love you for the rest of his life and eternally… Not until we hit the first hurdle.

4. They are mature and they are not afraid to commit. Unlike most men out there, real men aren’t afraid of commitment. They are loyal, loving and caring. They aren’t afraid of loving hard and “going all in”. They know that when love is real, there is no such thing as fear. The only thing that really matters in that exact moment is keeping that spark alive and nurturing love.

5. They love from the heart. Purely. Madly. Intently. Passionately. Truly. People say l love is blind… I say, when it’s real, love can be the most beautiful feeling in the world. Real men know this. That is why they have a very generous heart. Real men believe in love. They base their lives on love. Most importantly, a real man knows that one woman is enough.

Stephanie Reeds