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Real Men Don’t Hurt The Ones They Love: They Do Anything To Protect Them

Real Men Don’t Hurt The Ones They Love: They Do Anything To Protect Them

I don’t really know what your definition of love is, much less what they taught you when you were young. I don’t know how loved you’ve been as a child or how loved you are right now… All I know is this…

 Love isn’t supposed to hurt. It isn’t supposed to wound you.

Love isn’t made to us feel unworthy. I agree…True love does require hard work, a lot of effort, patience, compromises and in some cases sacrifices.

But when a certain line is crossed and you suddenly feel like you have to bend over backward to win someone’s love and attention, that is the moment when you have to stop. That is the moment when you have to realize that the love you fight may not be two-sided and unconditional.

For true love is not begging someone for their attention. It is not crying yourself to sleep because your ‘boyfriend’ hasn’t called you for days. It is not questioning your worth. It is not longing for their presence when it is clear as a day that they are avoiding your calls.

True love is not sweet suffering.

I’ve heard a lot of women going out of their minds about men who made them feel unworthy. I’ve seen many precious hearts broken. And what bugs me the most is the fact that most of us don’t seem to get it.

The men who are willing to hurt us and make us cry, don’t deserve our tears, much less our attention or affection.

Real men don’t make love feel hard. They make it the easiest thing there is.

Real men don’t hurt their women. They love them from the very bottoms of their heart.

Real men don’t break hearts. They care about the ones they love, and they do everything in their power to protect them.

That is the truth.

Anything less than this is simply not worth it. Get that in your head and please try to remind yourself of it the next time you catch yourself crying over someone who mercilessly broke your heart.

Real men are not a myth. They may be rare, but they exist.

And they love deeply. This I know.

Real men respect their women. Most importantly, they respect themselves enough to never allow themselves to lie to their loved ones. Manipulation is not a part of their nature. They would never ever do anything to deliberately broke the heart of the woman they love.

Real men take care of their women. They love from the bottom of their hearts and they are not afraid to let their loved ones know just how happy they are for having them in their lives. They would never give their women a reason to doubt them.

Real men cherish their women. They support their women. They are considerate of their feelings and they know their worth. Most importantly, they are always honest about everything that they feel.

Anything less than that is simply not worth it.

Always remember, the man who is worthy of you will never ever make you doubt his love for you.

So, please… Don’t ever settle and call that love.

Stephanie Reeds