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How To Know If Someone Is Right For You

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If you’ve been single for a while and feel hopeless that you’ll ever find someone who is right for you – don’t worry. You’ll find your dream person the moment you give up on love and decide to focus on yourself instead. But how do you know if you have found the right person?

It’s how it usually goes.

When you are busy living your life, enjoying your singlehood, and loving every moment of it – you’ll attract love.

The law of attraction says that at any given moment, we attract the things we are able to receive at that particular time. Therefore, we attract people who vibrate at the same frequency as us.

So, if you feel like you are only dealing with low-value, immature people – it’s time to raise your vibration.

When you are vibrating on the highest frequency of love, peace, and harmony – you attract the people and things that are also vibrating on those frequencies.

Because if you are not patient and in touch with yourself and perfectly happy and at peace – you’ll continue meeting people who are wrong for you.

When you are in a low stage in life, disappointed or sad, you are vulnerable to encountering people who only want to take advantage of you, thus making you unable to escape that vicious, toxic cycle.

How To Know If You Have Found The Right Person

If you are wondering whether your partner is the right person, some signs can assure you that they are perfect for you.

1. Being with them makes you “glow.” 

When you are happy in your relationship, you see the world around you in a positive light. Your light energy is shining, and it seems as though nothing can stress you out. As a result, your vibration is raised, and so, you have become the best version of yourself. 

2. You feel you are “home” whenever you are with them.

You just know that you are with the right person because you feel like yourself when you are with them. You are comfortable and at peace. You are not scared to do or say anything in front of them because you know they will understand and love you anyway. 

3. You are in sync. 

When you are with the right person for you, you will notice that everything flows naturally. You are not anxious or scared that something will go wrong. You both are on the same page. Your mind, heart, and body are in sync, and you feel and understand each other without uttering a word.

4. There are no games. 

With the right person, neither of you plays games. Your relationship unfolds naturally, and there is no rush to anything. You trust each other, and therefore, you don’t feel the need to check on their phone or social media accounts. You both are relaxed and enjoy each other’s company.

5. The sex is ‘on another level.’

When you have sex with the love of your life, it is amazing and magical. The attraction and connection are mesmerizing; therefore, you can connect with them with your soul and your body. The chemistry is always there, and you feel all their chakras. When you have sex, it’s like you are ‘one.’ 

6. You fit into one another’s lives perfectly. 

When you are with the right person, everything falls into place. Suddenly, you feel that you have found the missing puzzle you needed for your life to have a purpose. You both complete and love one another unconditionally.

7. You are complete on your own. 

Your person will come into your life when you are complete and satisfied with yourself. When you know what you like, what you don’t like, where you want to be in life, and what your needs are, you won’t waste your time on people who don’t fit into your pattern. When you truly know yourself, you will choose the best partner for you. 

When It Feels Right With Someone

When you meet the person who is right for you, you will be ready even if you had a devastating breakup in the past and don’t want to put your heart out there. Even if you feel as though you are better off alone. Nothing will matter. When you meet them, you will know, and you will be ready for a relationship with them. You won’t be afraid that they will leave you and break your heart. You will finally feel that you have met the love of your life.

You know you are with the right person because they respect you and your emotional needs. When you feel sad, they will be there to comfort you. And when you are happy, they will be happy for you and will be there to celebrate you and your success. Everything will be better with them in your life.

When you meet the right person, you will notice that you both share the same vision of the future. You will both want to spend your life together; therefore, you won’t argue about your wanting one thing and your partner wanting other things. 

When you are with them, you can be yourself. You will feel calm and relaxed. You will feel at home and peaceful. They accept you as you are – flaws and all. They love you for the person you are inside, and that is what truly matters. 

Finally, you’ll be happy. They will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Your feelings will be heard and respected. Your heart will be safe in their hands. And that’s how you’ll know they are the one.

When Someone Finally Treats You Right…

… They never dismiss your feelings. 

Even when you are sobbing uncontrollably over something ridiculous, they are always there for you. They listen to you and try to help you overcome whatever negativity you are experiencing. Your feelings are valid, and they care how you feel because they love and care about you. They will never leave you to feel angry or hurt.  

… They respect you and your decisions. 

Of course, every relationship has its limits, and you both have to respect each other and decide what is acceptable and what is not. However, your right person will always consider your happiness, and they will never stand in your way of fulfilling your dreams, even if that means that you two should separate for a while. They will support you in your battles and cheer for you to succeed. 

… They are selfless and their love for you is unconditional.

How To Know If Someone Is Not Right For You

And now that we have talked about what it feels to be with someone who is right for you let’s talk about the signs that you are not with the right person. 

1. You are very different and don’t want the same things.

When you talk about the future, your plans are different. Perhaps you want kids, and they don’t. Maybe you want a country home, and they want to be in the city. Perhaps you are more introverted, and you prefer spending time with them on weekends, and they like spending their free time out drinking with friends. This is a sign that you two won’t be compatible in the long run.

2. You constantly ‘convince’ yourself that you are perfect for each other.

You are defensive, and you find yourself making excuses for their behavior because you feel that you should be together. However, if you constantly think of reasons why you two are good for one another, you probably aren’t. 

3. You are always the one who reaches first and makes plans. 

If you don’t reach out to them, they can go on for days not talking to you. Then, suddenly, you find yourself in a situation where you are the one who asks them out or keeps the conversation flowing. And when you confront them about it, they quickly tell you that they have been busy and their lack of effort has nothing to do with their love for you. However, when someone loves you, they will make time for you – no excuses!

4. You have to change who you are for them. 

When you feel that you have to change your personality or alter your style because you are afraid they won’t like the ‘real’ you, then this is a sign that they are not the right person for you. Because when you are with the right person, you won’t have the need to pretend you are someone you are not.

And if you feel as though you are better off single than with them, then it’s okay. Don’t worry about finding your love. It will find you when you are ready.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Start living your life instead. Being single is a fantastic thing. Enjoy it while it lasts!

During this time, accept yourself as you are. Fall in love with yourself and your life. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Abandon the fear, the envy, the jealousy, the dissatisfaction, the negativity, the sadness… anything that drags you down and stops you from getting what you want.

Instead, welcome the joy, the happiness, the peace, the harmony, the balance, and the love in your life.

And see what happens.

I promise you; it will be magical!

When You Meet The Right Person, You Just Know

I know you are exhausted with people breadcrumbing you. I know you are tired of having your heart broken constantly. I know you don’t trust people. And I know how hard it is to meet someone who will match you on every level. 

But, it is possible. When you meet the right person, everything will fall into place. They will give you everything you have ever wanted. They will open their heart and soul to you, and you will feel as if you’ve known them forever. 

You will be a priority in their life, and they will support you in every aspect of your life. And when they talk about the future, they plan it with you. 

And the most beautiful thing is that you trust each other. You never doubt their words because they have never given you any reason to think they are lying to you. Your mind is finally clear, and you feel peace and calm like you’ve never felt before. The mere thought of them makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.

So, don’t settle. Wait for the right person. Don’t give yourself to people who give you just enough to keep you there but who refuse to be with you in a real way. When your gut tells you something is wrong – listen to it. 

Love is not complicated when you are with the right person.

And when you meet them, you will know. 

Mary Wright