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Please Be Patient Because True Love Is On Its Way


If you are patient enough, love will find you. It will run in your direction when you are least expecting it. And it will show you why it hasn’t worked out with anyone else before.

Your destined partner will come, kiss you softly and grasp your hand in a way that you can just feel you two will be holding hands forever.

Then, they’ll tell you what they have gone through before they met you.

They’ll tell you all about the high mountains that they had to climb, all the lonely dark paths that they had to walk alone, all the murky tunnels that had been so long they thought they’d never see the light again. They’ll also tell you about the haunted forests in which they got lost many times, dragging old skeletons for miles and miles because they couldn’t drop them off.  

They’ll tell you about the times they thought they never get out of the darkness. Those were the times when they were laying on cold rocks and looking at the stars – wishing to find love and happiness. And now that they found you, they saw the brightest stars in the whole galaxy and that are your eyes to them.

But, they’ll also tell you that they learned everything they needed to learn along the way to prepare them for you.

They found their resilience, courage, compassion, and kindness. They learned to forgive and ask for forgiveness. They learned to ask for help and speak without fear. They learned to listen, to compromise, to love, and to let go. They learned how to be okay with not knowing everything. They learned to take care of themselves and love themselves.

And then, they found you.

And it will be in that moment that you’ll understand that perhaps the reason you two didn’t meet sooner was that neither of you was ready.

You will find them when the time is right. When you two are ready for each other. And you’ll recognize each other instantly, your souls will align, and it will all make sense to you.

Image: Miguel Abarca

Mary Wright