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17 Things I Was Supposed To Do, But Didn’t, Because Procrastination Is My Middle Name


Procrastination. Let’s call it the plague of the 21st century.

By definition, the art of consciously avoiding a task that needs to be accomplished as soon as possible. Because why bother doing something today when you can leave it for tomorrow and then drive yourself crazy at the last minute?

We’ve definitely come up with an awful lot of reasons about why not today.

I’VE definitely come up with a lot of excuses about why not today.

So, here are 17 things I was supposed to do but didn’t because… guess why?

Procrastination is my middle name.

1. I forgot to… Wait, I didn’t forget. I consciously choose not to interrupt my blissful state of binge-watching the new Vikings season, when I needed to iron and fold the disturbingly big pile of clothes next to my bed.

2. My bed lamp is broken for more than 2 mounts now, but because I’m too lazy to get out of bed and turn on the bigger lamp in my room, I just use the flashlight app on my phone… I know I’m not alone. Back me up, guys!

3. There is a recipe I’ve been desperately wanting to try. But, at the same time, I avoid doing that and buy the same thing from the market.

4. I was supposed to go to the gym, but I was tired. So, I decided to skip one day and sleep instead. 7 hours later, here I am, finishing a whole season of my fave new show. Tell me about procrastination…

 5. Every time I wake up and I have to immediately get up and get dressed, I just don’t. I set the alarm for 10 more minutes.

6. For a very long time, I wanted to take a Photoshop course online. I even found the website, I paid for one month, I went through the videos, I saved my favorite ones for when I have the time and here I am… I paid for something I didn’t use because “I couldn’t find the time”.

7. I was once late to a baby shower because I went to get a gift the day before it. And let’s be clear, I have no clue when it comes to baby stuff…

8. I’ve left dry and clean clothes on the drying wire for over a weak because I didn’t feel like picking them up and folding them…

9. I’ve left moldy fruits in the fridge because I wasn’t in the mood to touch nasty things. Oh, and because they looked like they could last for at least a couple of days before they start to stink.

10. I have a master thesis I need to concentrate on and write but I just spent the whole Sunday laying in bed, scrolling Instagram feed, eating and doing absolutely nothing.

11. You have no idea for how long I wanted to start hiking. But, I guess my priority is still sleeping until noon instead of waking up and doing something useful with my time.

12. My phone is literally demolished. The screen is so badly crushed that it needs to be desperately replaced with a new glass layer, but no… I’m so lazy to get it done that I constantly pick up tiny pieces of glass of my bed.

13. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve forgotten to take my credit card out of the ATM, but that usually happens when I’m too tired and lazy to get up and check my wallet. Let’s just hope I took it.

14. There is a photo contest I really want to be a part of and all I need to do is pick 5 favorite photos and submit them at the end of this month. Who wants to bet that I’ll probably do it on August 31st, at exactly 11 pm?

15. Sometimes I am too lazy to cook my own dinner. But, then again, I believe that’s the most efficient way to lose weight, don’t you agree? Procrastination is not so bad after all.

16. Avoiding the pile of dishes until it reaches the ceiling is one of my greatest skills.

17. My speakers are literally holding on a single thread of wire and still can’t force my lazy ass to go to the store and buy new ones. Oh well, I guess I’ll use them as long as they work. Till then, the struggle of adjusting the thread wire will be my main problem.

Image source: Kristen Wiig

Stephanie Reeds