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I Hope You Leave All The Heaviness In Your Heart Behind You And Surrender Everything To God


I know you are in pain. I know your heart is broken into a million pieces. I know you feel like your whole world has crashed down and you can’t find your way out from the misery. You are confused. You can’t keep calm. Your heart is beating fast desperately asking you to do anything and save yourself from the devastation. I understand that you are torn, but I really hope that you can let God heal you.

I hope that you will allow the softness inside your heart to come to the surface. I hope you will find time to pray and connect with God. I hope you know that tears have healing power and you are strong and brave for being vulnerable.

And every time you start thinking you don’t deserve love, remember that God’s love for you is all-consuming and eternal. That His arms are always open for you. That He is love. That He is healing. That He is everything.

Allow God to help you with your baggage, you don’t have to carry it all alone. He knows what you need and He will always make the best decisions for you. Trust in Him. I know that now you may not believe all this, but one day you’ll realize that everything happened for a reason and that God was forever with you, leading you towards the right path for you and protecting you from harm.

Whenever you lose something is because something better is waiting for you. Trust in God. Trust that anywhere you go you will be blessed.

You don’t have anything to fear. God is always watching you as a mother watches over her sick child. He is protecting you from people who mean you no good. You have nothing to fear as long as you have Him in your heart and your mind. He will burn with his fierce anger anyone who tries to bring you down.

Finally, I hope you understand the power of letting go of the things you can’t control. I hope your faith in Him is strong enough to leave everything at His divine hands. Follow His light and you’ll never get lost.

There will always be people who will hurt you, intentionally or not. You will experience pain. However, when you carry God with you, you will always find peace and healing. He will never leave you alone. And you’ll heal knowing that there is someone who is protecting you from the above.

Mary Wright