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People With Overthinking Minds And Sensitive Hearts


We all believe that overthinkers are people who are blessed with a sharp wit, a highly functional brain and the extraordinary ability to go through all the details in a given situation and make decisions faster than others…

But what we fail to understand is that these people’s minds work more complex than ours. Yes, they may pay more attention to details, but living life with an overthinking mind can be quite the struggle. Add that to a sensitive heart and a pure soul and these people become even more vulnerable.

The truth is, life is not easy for people with overthinking minds and sensitive hearts. They are constantly overwhelmed with guilt, self-doubt, confusion, and anxiety. Here are 7 harsh truths about them that we all need to know:

1. They care too much about other people’s opinions. Overthinkers take everything personally. No matter how much you try to tell them they shouldn’t give a damn about what others think of them, they never listen. Overthinkers are full of self-doubts. That’s what makes them notice only the negative side of life.

2. They want to be loved. It is their number one priority in life. They want to be taken care of, respected and needed by the people in their life. They crave connection. But then again…they also crave validation. Overthinkers need to be reassured of their partner’s love. Otherwise, they would never put themselves out there. These people are terrified of getting their hearts broken. That’s why they prefer to play it safe.

3. They always search for meaning in every word or action. When you’re born with an overthinking mind and a fragile heart, you get used to look for a hidden meaning in everything that people say or do. You take everything too personal, because… well, your mind forces you to.

4. They are too much for some people. Overthinkers spend most of their time dealing with their own chaos inside their minds. They are the kind of people who doubt everything. The kind of people that would rather lock themselves in their room and spend their night detangling their thoughts than go out and hang out with friends.

5. They are used to live with regrets. You want the truth? Overthinkers go through a really long process when making decisions. And what’s more, they are never fully satisfied with their final decision. They could go over and over the same issue and still not like the outcome. That is how they got used to living their lives with regrets.

6. They suffer from insomnia. Their minds are a constant mess of irrational and perplexing thoughts that bother them on a daily basis. They can’t control what’s happening inside them. So, naturally… one of the health issues these people experience is a sleep disorder.

7. They find it hard to live in the present moment. As emotional overthinkers, these people go through life over-analyzing situations and calculating potential outcomes. They’re either busy ruminating or busy making plans for the future. Sadly, it is their perplexing and tiring thoughts that prevent them from enjoying the most important part of their lives – the present moment.

Stephanie Reeds