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People With Anxiety Love Uniquely And Unconditionally


People who have anxiety are struggling with a constant stress, fear, and mixed up feelings every day. That’s a terrible mental state to be in. And that’s why these human beings see the world differently and their love is unique and special.

In the beginning, they will hold back. They won’t offer you their love immediately. They will be committed to you, but there will always be the fear inside them that you will leave them at any moment. And it’s not that they don’t trust you or the connection you two share – but it is not in their nature to move on that quick with someone.

Their anxiety makes them overthink and overanalyze everything. Simply put, they care deeply about everyone and everything that is close to them, which makes them very thoughtful partners – always looking to find new ways to please their loved ones. When they are in a relationship with someone, they are extremely invested and that’s why every little thing that happens affects them on a deeper level.

Their emotions beat their logic. Their reactions are often based on their emotions, not their logic. And it’s because their anxiety gets the best of them and they have a tendency to always imagine the worst-case scenario. Their overly-emotional reactions are usually out of the heightened tense state they are in.

Disappointments deeply affect them. Also, they are afraid to disappoint their partner. They are extremely hard on themselves. They are self-critical and are constantly looking for ways they can improve. Disappointments scare them, but more than anything they don’t want their behavior or personality push away their partner.

They need their alone time to recharge and fuel their batteries. People struggling with calming their anxious mind tend to get easily overwhelmed and tired. Which is why they need their alone time to cool off and disconnect from anyone and anything. That’s how they cope with their anxiety. And if you are in a relationship with someone who has anxiety, you should be okay with this and give them plenty of time and space for them.

They are willing to put in the work in the relationship. No one is perfect, and we all have our flaws and make mistakes when it comes to relationships. And while anxious minds struggle with overthinking, over feeling, and overreacting – they have no problem putting in the effort in their relationship. They realize that relationships require hard work, and they are willing to do it.

Finally, they love unconditionally. They love with their whole heart. They give their all to their loved ones. Their anxiety is a part of who they are, it’s what makes them real, sensitive, and compassionate souls.

It’s what makes them fighters too because they fight their anxiety every single day.

Image: maud chalard

Mary Wright