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11 Amazing Things You’ll Experience Once You Fall In Love With Your World Instead Of A Person


 “The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul.” — C. Joy Bell C

Self-development is truly the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Because, once you choose to focus on your world and fall in love with your life instead of a person you’ll:

1. You’ll discover the things that make your heart sing, and you’ll finally find the time to devote yourself on everything that makes you passionate. When you start falling in love with your world more than in another person, you’ll realize that you don’t need another human being to be happy, because your happiness was always within you.

2. You’ll become more appreciative of the relationships you already have, instead the ones you desperately crave for. You’ll understand that there are people and things in life that are much more valuable than romantic relationships. Friends and family are the people who will always stay beside you, no matter what.

3. You’ll be more in tune with your own needs than another person’s wants. Because once you fall in love with your life and realize that only the sky is your limit, you’ll test your boundaries and push every limit around you. You’ll be glad to understand that life is only what you make it and how much you put into it.

4. You’ll see the joy of travelling alone. You’ll finally get to see the world in your own unique perspective. You’ll experience the scary, yet profound feeling of depending on yourself. And the freedom will finally release you of your fears.

5. Your focus will shift to more important parts of your life. You’ll finally find the time to dedicate on your master’s degree, take that trip to Zanzibar, get in touch with some of your old, dear friends, experience your first vacation ever, accept the job, work abroad and make every dream of yours come true

6. You’ll spend more time doing everything you once desired, rather than just daydreaming about it. You won’t waste any more time. You won’t engage in activities that suck out your energy. You won’t accept the mediocre, passive type of life.

7. You’ll have more time to appreciate the little things in life. Because when you fall in love with your life instead with a person, you’ll have the time to cherish every second of your existence. You’ll be focused on your being and celebrate the beauty of those little things everywhere around you. The last ray that gently caresses the surface of the ocean, the silence around you, the delicious lunch you made for yourself, being alive and present at this exact moment. It’s all that matters.

8. You’ll continue striving for better. You won’t stop after you pursue your dreams because there will always be new ones to reach for.

9. You’ll have the time to spend more time in nature and recharge. Because nature was always a sacred realm that gave you strength. So, once you fall in love with your world and discover the opportunities that lie ahead of you, you’ll be pleased to soak into the beauty this world has to offer.

10. You’ll no longer feel the need to find someone who would guide you. You won’t feel sad about not being in a relationship, because you finally found yourself and realized that your happiness depends on you. The truth is, once you fall in love with yourself, and not a person, you’ll be aware that you don’t need a partner to complete you. You were always whole on your own.

11. You’ll learn to enjoy the wonderful, terrifying, complex and incredible rollercoaster ride of loving yourself. You’ll understand that it is essential to put yourself first. Once you fall in love with yourself, you’ll realize that the only person who can determine your happiness and journey in life is yourself. And with that knowledge, you’ll finally release yourself from your fears and give into the freedom.

Stephanie Reeds