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People Will Come And Go In Your Life, But The Right One Will Come And Stay Forever

twin flame

And when you meet this person – you will know. Because there will be instant recognition of souls. You will feel like you’ve known them forever. You will feel like you’ve never felt before. You will feel at peace and at home with them.

When you meet this person, you will finally feel complete. You will feel like your search for the ‘perfect’ mate is over. You will realize that every person you have loved before them, you have loved with only half of yourself. Because with this person, you can’t even put your feelings into words. You love them with all your heart, and you know deep inside that you two belong together.

Your soul is always looking for its other half. That’s why when you meet this person, your souls will recognize each other.

When you meet this person, your whole life will change. You will completely surrender to them and they will surrender to you. You will both be at the top of the other person’s list of priorities. You will love and care about this person more than anything, and the relationship with them will be sacred to you.

When you finally meet this person, you will experience everything in a different and more profound way.

Happiness, joy, love, intimacy… everything will feel differently than before. You will feel reborn. And this is because you have met the person who is capable of loving you the right way.

You will be more positive, and you will start seeing the world differently.

When you are with the person who is meant for you, you will feel whole. You will finally understand the power of love.

And you will never let go of one another.


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Mary Wright