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People Who Understand That God Is Enough End Up The Happiest

People Who Understand That God Is Enough Are The Happiest

People who have realized that God is enough are the happiest. Their faith is the strongest. They are standing still on their two solid feet even when their whole world is falling apart. Their soul is kind and forgiving even when from the inside they are breaking. Their spirit is calm, and they are peacefully walking away from anything that is not meant for them.

People who know that God is enough are the happiest because they have faith in God’s plans for them. They have peace of mind knowing that God is always there for them. They are strong and resilient because they know that God had planned beautiful things for them.

People who understand that God is enough are the happiest because they live on the premise that the only love they need in their life is the love of God.

They are not worried about temporary and material things or inconsistent people who tend to leave at the first sign of trouble. They know that if they choose to depend on others to be happy, they will never be happy because people are prone to disappoint them sooner or later. And they also know that God is always there for them and He will never let them down.

They know that as long as they believe in God, they can rest assured that they will be happy and grateful for everything that happens in their life – good or bad. Because with every hardship, with every pain, they are becoming stronger and their faith in God is greater.

It is true: those who find God, find happiness; those who understand God, understand life; those who love God – will always be loved.

Because when you learn that God is everything, you will never have to doubt your choices or yourself. God will always be guiding you on the right path.

And perhaps we are still feeling sad and hurt because we still don’t trust God. Perhaps it is because we still don’t understand His teaching that we get bitter whenever something bad happens to us. Maybe we are asking for the wrong things. Maybe we can’t love and trust each other because we don’t love and trust God.

The happiest people are those who carry God in their hearts. Those who trust God and see His light. Those people will always be safe because God always protects His faithful sons and daughters. He looks out for them and makes sure they are happy and loved. And that is more than enough.

Mary Wright