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A Strong Woman Who Knows What She Brings To The Table Isn’t Afraid To Eat Alone

a woman who knows what she brings to the table

If you’ve found yourself a strong, alpha woman, congrats! The cards have been stacked in your favor indeed.

You are one truly lucky man.

But now it’s time for some real talk.

A strong woman is not someone who can be controlled. She is not a woman who will blindly follow your lead. A strong woman knows what she wants in life, goes after it and never depends on anyone else but herself. She is a self-confident, driven, ambitious and independent human being. She is free in her wilderness.

A strong woman knows exactly what she brings to the table, so she’s not afraid to eat alone.

1. She doesn’t play games.

A strong woman knows what she wants and she works hard to create the life of her dreams. She is open, forward and bold. If she wants you, she will do everything to let you know that you are on her mind. Playing games is not something that goes in hand with her personality.

2. She respects people and wants the same in return.

Love is not enough. A strong woman respects others and wants nothing less but the same in return. Those who cannot accept her for who she is and respect her choices, opinions, and interests, cannot be a part of her life. It’s really that simple. (1)

3. She wants an equal partner who is decisive.

Not a whiny, incompetent and immature person who needs to be babied. A strong woman wants an equally strong and ambitious partner who knows what he wants in life, and most importantly knows how to get it. She needs someone who will keep up with her, not slow her down. Are you strong enough to be that person for her?

4. She needs her space.

The truth is, she needs no one but herself in her life. So, she cannot really function with someone 24/7 attached to her. A strong woman needs her freedom. She needs her wings to fly. However, this doesn’t mean that she is not looking for someone who will understand this side of her and fall madly in love with her.

5. She is loyal to the ground, so she expects the same.

A strong woman has a real value system and loyalty is the first thing on her list when it comes to relationships. She cherishes the relationships she has in her life and she invests herself in them. When she loves, she is completely committed to a person. Burn her and you will reveal a side of her that you really don’t want to see.

6. She is independent.

As I said, a strong woman is free in her wildness. She doesn’t need a man to support her or push her forward. She is her own motivation and strength. What she needs is someone who will grow with her.

7. She has her own boundaries.

She doesn’t let anyone get that easily near her heart. She needs time to start feeling comfortable around the people in her life. It’s true, a strong woman loves with all of her heart, but only when she’s certain that she can trust someone. If you have a good thing going on, try to not mess it up.

8. She doesn’t mind being alone until she finds what she’s looking for in a partner.

A strong lady is not afraid to be on her own. She doesn’t need a man to complete her or make her feel good about herself. She connects with people for the sake of finding a relationship. She does it because her heart tells her so. So, believe me when I say that she won’t hesitate to cut you off if you don’t treat her the way she deserves.

Stephanie Reeds