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People Who Cry During Movies Possess An Incredible Mental Strength


If someone told you that crying during movies is what makes a person mentally strong, I am sure that you’d have trouble believing them. Why? Because we tend to see those who cry as being emotionally weak.

However, when someone cries during movies that means they are able to relate to the emotions that the actor is experiencing in the movie. They know what it feels like to grieve, to yearn, rejoice, or be in pain. They can feel those emotions as their own.

And those people who can experience the emotions of other people as their own have to be mentally strong because powerful emotions drain physical energy.

Researchers have discovered that crying during movies is linked to high self-esteem, extroversion, and emotional intelligence.

Mentally strong people are thought to be the leaders in social situations which is conflicting if they are also someone who cry at movies. It is unusual, however, to discover that being an extrovert is a personality trait that these people possess.

The researchers also discovered that this personality characteristic along with high levels of self-esteem and ego strength related to crying during movies which equal being mentally strong to know and respect oneself and to feel worthy of respect.

Moreover, people who cry during movies have yet another advantage over others. They can pick up emotional cues based on body language, facial expressions, the tone of voice, microexpressions, and their gut feeling always helps them be in touch with everything around them.

This kind of empathy is something that not many people possess.

Caring for others takes a lot of strength. Life is brutal enough and if a person can put themselves in someone else’s shoes and feel their pain – they are very special and genuine people.

They are strong enough to be there for others. Crying at movies shows that those people are strong enough to care about another human being other than themselves, even if it’s a fictional character.

People who cry during movies have enormous hearts. Their heart can break in a matter of seconds, but it will quickly be patched back together. They have an ability to recover fast which shows their exceptionally strong character and emotional toughness.

So, next time, when you see a person crying at movies, try to appreciate them for their vulnerability and their inner strength that is so rare nowadays!

Mary Wright