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8 Red Flags That Your Relationship is Damaging Your Mental Health


Relationships are supposed to be full of happiness, love, and comfort. They should make you feel like a better version of yourself as you and your partner lift each other up and support each other. In some cases, however, a relationship can become toxic. It can start to affect your mental health negatively and leave you feeling depressed or anxious.

When in the throes of romance, it can often be hard to spot the signs of trouble brewing. To help you, here are 8 red flags that your relationship is damaging your mental health.

1. You Act Differently Around Them

You find that you’re constantly anxious around them. Their behavior forces you to be the person you think that they want you to be. In some cases, you simply feel too uncomfortable to be yourself around them.

2. Fighting has Become Normal

Every day is a battle with your partner. You never know how many arguments will break out that day or what will cause them. All you know is that you will fight with them and there’s nothing you can do about it.

3. Your Self-Esteem has Lowered

You may not have noticed it at the beginning, but ever since you got together, your self-esteem has drastically lowered. You no longer have the confidence to wear what you want, share your opinions, or to pursue difficult goals.

4. They’re Affecting Your Friendships

Even if your partner doesn’t stop you from seeing your friends, they may make you not want to. They will have you feeling like they’re the only one that you can depend on and that your friends will never care for you enough.

5. You Feel Trapped

You’re torn between wanting to go and wanting to stay. The relationship makes you feel suffocated, but it feels like you can’t leave.

6. You’re Constantly Trying to Fix the Relationship

There’s always something that needs to change. Whether it’s old problems that were never solved or new ones that you’re just now discovering, you always feel like your relationship needs to be saved.

7. You Feel Guilty All the Time

Your partner uses subtle tactics against you to control you with guilt. You may not even notice that they’re doing it, but this is one of the most dangerous techniques used in a relationship. They can make you do whatever they want just by using guilt.

8. They Bring Out the Worst in You

You don’t like who you are when you’re around them. They turn you into an anxious, angry, or stressed person. The only time that you feel like you’re your true self is when you’re away from them.

Do any of the things above sound familiar? If so, it’s quite possible that your relationship is harmful to you. Consider that it might be time to leave. Even if it’s hard to say goodbye, it’s never okay to be in such a toxic situation. You deserve to love someone who will bring joy to your life, not leave you feeling defeated.

If you know a friend or family member who is in a damaging relationship, share this article with them. Remind that they deserve to be with someone who makes them happy.

Eva Jackson