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Open Your Eyes: You Are Worthy Of Much More Than What You Settle For

Open Your Eyes: You Are Worthy Of Much More Than What You Settle For

You are amazing. I don’t know if you see that with your own eyes, but you, my darling, are truly beautiful.

You are a loving, caring, and kind human being, always there to help others. Always there to spread their positivity and happiness in this cruel, cruel world. Always there to smile at a stranger. Always there to lend a hand to a person in need.

You love in the real sense of the world. Like there is no tomorrow. You love with your eyes closed and your heart open. You love with your entire being. You love from the deepest depths of your heart. You love purely. You love sincerely. You love wholly.

Your love has healing power. It is a great force that inspires you to be the person that you are. It drives you to seek the real things in life. To never say yes to a shallow love. To do whatever it takes to find what you’ve always dreamed of. To never give up on your quest to finding happiness. To be who you are no matter what others think or say about you.

So, trust me when I say that you are worthy. You are worthy of much more than what you’ve chosen to settle right now.

I know that we all have moments of weakness. I know that we all fall apart, no matter how strong we try to be. I know that we all have fears inside of us. Fears that if fed properly, have the power to eat us alive. I know that. I’ve been through all of it. I’ve been strong, but I’ve also been weak. And I’ve given up many times. I’ve let my faith decide for me and ended up accepting things and people in my life that ultimately turned out to be a mistake. That ultimately hurt me…

So, trust me when I say this. You deserve more. You are worthy of much more than this.

Love shouldn’t be painful and love shouldn’t make you suffer. It shouldn’t make you cry yourself to sleep at night. It shouldn’t make you question the one you are with. It shouldn’t make your life a living hell and it simply shouldn’t make you doubt your choices.

Love should lift you up, give you strength, accept you as you are, and assure that you are safe. That you are loved, cared for, appreciated, and respected. That you are enough. That you are more than enough. That you are everything that someone has been looking for their entire life.

So, please open your eyes. Don’t let your fear seal your fate. Don’t let people take your hopes away. Don’t let your heart stop beating for the same cause that once beat for.

You deserve all the love in this world. And one day, you, my dear friend, are going to feel it.

Stephanie Reeds