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Don’t Waste Your Time On Toxic People, Forgive Them And Move On

Don’t Waste Your Time On Toxic People, Forgive Them And Move On

Forgiveness. Talk to me about superpowers, right?

Especially when dealing with toxic people. 

They look all sweet and kind but have hidden intentions to all that goodness they portray in front of the world. They are egoistic, entitled, self-centered, and selfish. Every reproach to them equals an attack. 

Toxic people, especially narcissists, are sensitive to criticism even if it is constructive. They will stamp on your heart and soul mercilessly because they are infamous takers and thrive on other people’s misery.

If you dare call them on your bullshit, they will bring up all your darkest hours, but will never admit they were doing it out of spite. They will say that they were joking and that you shouldn’t get mad so easily. 

That’s toxic people in a nutshell. If you look back, you can certainly pinpoint examples where a family member, a friend, a teacher even, or your significant other behaved dismissively or a situation where you were going through a rough time, but all your pleas for help and support have fallen on deaf ears. 

Because that’s what these people do. They love to talk about themselves; they love being in the spotlight and will do everything to keep it that way. 

They say they want to give you advice through their experiences, but what they really do is show off or just drag the spotlight back on themselves. 

Because they don’t know otherwise but being charming, and servile at the beginning to lure you in, but then use that as leverage and for emotional ultimatums. 

Knowing this, how can you forgive such a person? They see you stew in loneliness and throw in some anxiety and depression. For purse satisfaction. Because once you were not available for them. Or because they are jealous. 

It is hard to forgive someone like that. It is hard to forget and move on. But you gave them zillion chances in the past and they pretend like everything is fine for a while, and when you least expect it, they inject you with their poison. Again. 

Well, you cannot forget that and you have no reason to forgive it, but if you do it – do it for yourself. 

It’s next to impossible, but it’s doable. You can move away from their recurrent poison, but you don’t have to give them another chance. 

Free some space in your heart for someone who appreciates you, not someone who uses you. Bullying is soul-crashing. You can forgive it, but that doesn’t mean you have to justify it. 

Given everything they did and the pain toxic people caused, they should be lucky they got your forgiveness. 

Stop over-analyzing the past and de-stress. Filter the negativity. Let those people go. They may not change, but you can grow as a person.

Forgiving speaks volumes of you and you only.

Nora Connel