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Stay Away From People Who Drain Your Energy And Steal Away Your Happiness And Confidence

Stop Spending Time With People Who Deplete Your Energy, Your Confidence, And Your Happiness

Don’t waste your time dealing with people who diminish your worth. People who make you feel bad about yourself. Selfish people. People who never give you compliments but are more than happy to criticize you on every single thing you do.

Refuse to deal with people who are extremely competitive and jealous. People who are always telling you how they have it better than you. People who are obsessed to be better than anyone. Those people don’t respect you because they don’t respect your feelings or your accomplishments.

Stop wasting your time with people who joke about things that are important to you. People who make you feel ashamed and guilty for feeling the way you feel.

Ditch those people who look down on you. People who don’t appreciate you. People who don’t see the goodness in you. Ditch the manipulators, the liars, the jealous ones, the braggers. You don’t need them.  

Don’t spend your time in vain with people who only want to talk and talk about themselves and when you start telling them about yourself, they shut you down. Leave the egotists out of your life. Those who are always talking and never give anything in return. 

Don’t waste your time with people who blame you for everything. People who call you a bad friend if you don’t do what they want. People who think that the world revolves around them and everyone should follow their lead blindly.

Don’t spend time with negative people. Drama queens. People who drain your energy and ruin your smile with their toxicity and negativity.

Stop making excuses for them. As much as you love them, you need to walk away from them because they are not good for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You will never be happy around them. 

Mary Wright