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Only A Real Man Would Realize That One Woman Is More Than Enough


I believe in monogamy. Call me foolish, silly or inexperienced, but if there’s anything I value the most, that is loyalty. I respect honesty, trustworthiness, devotion.

I want all-consuming, passionate, fiery, pure love. I need raw, genuine emotions. I want fireworks. I want one person – one being in whom I’ll somehow find everything. A shelter. A spark. An adventure. Tranquility. Fire. Thunderstorms. Peace of mind. Serenity. A forever-after.

So, you can judge me, laugh at me, agree or disagree with me, but I believe that it takes a real, brave man, someone who knows exactly what he is and what he wants from life to understand that one woman is more than enough.

Relationships are supposed to teach us loyalty. Forgive me, but I don’t understand why would a person string someone along if they clearly have a different idea about how relationships work.

I don’t understand how people who are already in a serious relationship let themselves engage in dangerous love affairs. 

Why would you do that to someone? 

I just don’t get why people are constantly obsessing over the fact that once you get in a relationship or once you get married, your life as you know it, is over.

What do you mean over?

If you found the person you want to spend your life with, the one you see your future with, the one you want to create a family with, you are blessed. The best things in life are about to happen to you.

Some may not understand this, but as I said, only a fulfilled, brave and a real man will understand the joy of devoting his life to a single soul. To the one and only love of his life. To his muse. To the woman, he loves from the very depths of his heart.

Only a man with true values and a clean heart will know how to love a woman. Only he will understand the importance of finding someone whose soul matches his. Only he will respect the sacristy of their unbreakable bond. Only he will know why there’s no better feeling than marrying your best friend.

He will never get tired of loving. He will never stop sharing and giving.

Because love knows of no boundaries. It is like an eternal spring. It cannot stop flowing and it cannot dry up. It has no switch, no pause button, no limits. It just flows like a wild river that rushes and takes everything with her.

That is why only a real man will realize that one woman is more than enough.

Because, when he finally finds her, he’ll do anything to protect her and keep her safe. He will recognize her and sense her energy right away. She will be the best thing that ever happened to him. And she’ll show him what true intimacy really feels like.

He’ll give her a piece of his heart and soul. He will not only give her his word that he’s there to stay forever and ever, but he’ll also make sure to show her that he’ll always be right there beside her.

He won’t search for another embrace, another kiss, another heart, another hand to hold or another smile to wake him in the morning. Because everything he ever wanted will already be there.

Everything he ever wished for will be right there in front of him.

You and him, forever.

Stephanie Reeds