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8 Reasons Why Incredible Women Have The Worst Dating Lives


There are millions of awesome and brilliant women in the world who seem to always walk from one romantic catastrophe into another. And it is not that the problem is with them, because usually, it is not.

They are attractive, smart, independent women who have amazing qualities and are successful in many areas of their life, but they can’t seem to find true love.

Why is that? If you are an incredible woman, read on and find the 8 reasons why you might be sucking at dating.

1. You Are Independent, and You Won’t Sacrifice Your Independence for Anyone

It is a natural ego thing for men to be more dominant and protective human beings. So, if a man starts feeling like you don’t need him and that you can live your life perfectly fine whether he is with you or not – he’ll lose his self-esteem and probably his attraction for you. He’ll also feel like he can’t connect with you on a deeper level.

2. You Call Men on Their Bullshit

You can see through men’s lies and you are not afraid to speak up and call them on their BS. You have no time for nonsense and any kind of shallow mediocre connection. You know what you want, and you are not ashamed to ask for it. And this brutal honesty scares most guys of (or at least the players and the liars). And that’s a great thing.

3. You Are Super Intense

Intensity is a trait that too often can be seen as negative and you have too much of it. Sometimes you can’t control your intense fiery nature. You are an intense lover and intense communicator. You do everything with passion or not at all and that attitude could be a little too overwhelming for guys.

4. You Have Built-In Jerk Repellent

You can detect toxic and shitty behavior from the get-go which scares men away before they can get a chance to date you. This is a good thing in most cases, but sometimes it is worth giving a second chance to someone and get to know them. Especially if you pre-judged them based on so little evidence.

5. You Are Intimidating

There is something about you that makes men think that you are either a bitch or that you are more intense that you really are, and they cannot handle you. Some guys even think that you are arrogant and that you are more powerful than they are. So, a man will decide to skip dating you all together because he doesn’t want to deal with all the drama he thinks you’ll bring into the relationship.

6. You Are Very Picky Because You Know Your Worth

No, you are not judgmental; you just know what you want and what you don’t want. So, you are not willing to settle for anything less. So, if a guy fails to behave the way you want him to – you’ll quickly show him the door because you don’t want to waste precious time on guys who you know in your heart that are wrong for you.

7. You Are More Mature Than Most Women

You have a good attitude, a strong head, and a poised way of carrying yourself. You shine with this rare admirable maturity. You don’t gossip, you don’t care what other people think of you, and you certainly don’t dwell on negativity. You like yourself for who you are, and you seek only for a mature partner like you with whom you can experience true mature love.  

8. You Love Deeply

You are among those rare genuine human beings who love the hardest. You may be intimidating, brutally honest, bold, independent, and strong, but you love is always deep. You give your all to your loved one. Unfortunately, not many men can handle this deep kind of love.

Mary Wright