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One Day You’ll Make Someone Believe In Love Again Because You’ll Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Them


One day you’ll make someone believe again – believe in their potential, believe in their greatness, believe in themselves, believe in love. You’ll be the reason behind their newfound belief because you’ll be the light that makes all the darkness around them go away. You’ll illuminate the parts of them they’ve forgotten and the parts of them they haven’t shown to anyone because you’ll be the sun in their life.

One day you’ll be the one someone is searching for. You’ll be the true embodiment of all their hopes and desires. You’ll be their dream come true. You’ll be everything they’ve ever wanted and more. You’ll be someone they never thought they’d meet during their lifetime. You’ll be their world and their reason for living and they will be your world and your reason for living

One day you’ll kiss someone’s wounds and heal their broken heart. You’ll be the one who will bring back the lost smile on their face and make them feel loved and cared for. You’ll be someone who will take all their pain away and teach them how to open their heart again.   

One day you’ll make someone want to stay. You’ll be the main reason why someone decides they don’t want to run away from love and commitment anymore. You’ll make them want to build a family with you. They’ll want to settle down because in you they’ve found everything they were looking for. Something that no one else could do until you came into their life. You’ll be the reason they’ll start believing in happily ever after.

One day you’ll make your love feel easy and effortless for someone. It’ll be free of toxicity, free of pain, free of control. It won’t be unrequited. It won’t hurt. This love will be real, passionate, exciting, powerful, and light as a breeze at the same time. The type of love someone finds after learning the most painful lessons from the wrong people.

One day you’ll be the best thing that will ever happen to a person.

They will honor you and the value you bring into their life. Because you’ll make them feel calm and alive. You’ll make them feel loved. You’ll make them feel wonderful things that they’ve never felt before.

You’ll be the reason they wake up wearing the biggest smile every day.

One day you’ll finally realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Because one day, you’ll meet the one with whom you’ll stay till the end. One day, your search for love will be over because you’ll find your happily ever after and you’ll both start believing in love again.

Mary Wright