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I Hate To Be The Bearer of Bad News But You Are The Only Reason Your Life Sucks


You think that your life sucks.

Well, let me tell you something, my friend. Let me enlighten you. If that is on your mind, it probably does. The truth is, your life sucks as much as you let it. You may think that is not entirely your fault that you are suffering right now, but you are mistaken.

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are the only reason your life is sh*t.

Yes, I said it. Loud and clear.

If you think that this world has turned against you and that everyone is out to get you, you are playing the wrong game, my friend. You are sabotaging yourself. You are allowing the negatives to enter your life and take total control over you.

Can’t you see that it is you who is in charge of this madness?

Oh, I forgot. You can’t. It is too hard to be objective and open-minded when it comes to your life and your happiness. But, hey. I get it. We’ve all been there. However, only a few of us realized that if we don’t help ourselves escape that maze and save ourselves in time, life will fade away in just a blink of an eye.

Well, that is exactly what you have to do. As long as you have time.

All of this may sound easier said than done to you, but that is an excuse you have to let go of if you want to start living your life. Immediately.

Listen to me!

You will never reach greatness in your life if you keep focusing on the easier path. You will never achieve your wildest dreams if you keep working a job that drains your entire energy and makes you sick to your stomach every time you open your eyes in the morning. You will never experience the joy of failing, trying again and succeeding if you are too lazy to get up, motivate yourself and get going.

You will never find real love if you don’t find the strength to let go of a comfortable relationship and break up with the person that is no longer making you happy. You will never find love if you don’t stop putting the needs of others before your own. You will never find happiness if you are constantly surrounded with people who drain you and make you doubt yourself.

You will never experience the life that you’ve always dreamed of if you don’t dare to make some changes first. You should know this by now. And you simply cannot expect that changes will happen on their own. It is you. You are the one who has to start that process. You are the one who has to make the decision to turn over a new leaf and begin the journey.

You are the one who is responsible for your current chaos of life. You are the one who is deciding to do something about it or not. You are the one who is your own worst enemy or your best friend. You are the only creator or of your life. And as scary as this sounds, it is the bitter truth. It cannot be sugar-coated. It has to be bitter for you to understand it.

So, let’s put an end to your suffering, shall we?

Stop standing in the way of your own happiness and start doing something to improve yourself. Stop doing things that don’t fulfill you. Stop blaming others for your misery. Stop expecting life to just happen for you without you actually doing anything about it. Stop holding onto people who don’t make you feel anything just because you are scared of ending up alone. Stop letting fear paralyze both your mind and your body. Stop treating yourself like you don’t matter.

Your life is happening right now. Your goals are right there. It is up to you whether you will work smart to reach them and find happiness or surrender to the simple life and let your wildest dreams fade away.

Stephanie Reeds