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Most Men Don’t Understand How Much These 30 Little Things Mean To Women


Those ‘small things’ that you do for your woman are the things that mean the world to her. You want to know why?

Because every effort you make to put a smile on her face and brighten her day shows her just how much she means to you. It’s simple. It is the little things that lead to happiness. The fact that you don’t need a certain occasion to express your feelings through your deeds lets her know that you are here to stay, forever.

Sadly, not all men out there think and do the same as you. Most of them live their lives without ever realizing how important these ‘small things’ are to women:

1. Kissing her forehead for good morning and telling her how beautiful she is when she is all natural.

2. Giving her a compliment about her hair or something else she often assumes that you won’t notice.

3. Telling her how a certain song you made you reminisce about some precious memories that the two of you once shared.

4. Sending her cute good morning texts and wishing her a nice, productive day at work.

5. Being kind and respectful to the people she loves the most.

6. Remembering her mother’s birthday and buying her flowers.

7. Splitting the housework instead of ‘helping’ her with the housework.

8. Making her a tasty, nutritious bowl of cereal and a warm cup of coffee before she leaves for work.

9. Laying next to her and asking her how her day went.

10. Telling her how much you love her whenever you feel like it.

11. Taking her on trips and playing her favorite music during car rides.

12. Buying her a fresh bouget of wildflowers because you want to see her happy.

13. Looking into her eyes and calling her gorgeous.

14. Hugging her, kissing her and holding her hand in public.

15. Always asking her for opinion and including her in your decisions.

16. Inviting her family or friends for a night out or dinner.

17. Sharing photos with her on your social media accounts.

18. Buying tickets for her favorite movie and taking her on a surprise cinema date.

19. Going down on her and giving her the most mind-blowing orgasms of her life.

20. Apologizing to her when you’ve made a mistake and doing everything in your power to sort things out.

21. Spending your entire weekend naked in bed with her.

22. Wearing her favorite shirt and cologne that she bought for you.

23. Staying up very late at night just you can continue your conversation.

24. Picking her up when she is too drunk to walk on her heels and taking her home.

25. Letting her steal all of your pillows and your blanket while you’re sleeping.

26. Waking up in the middle of the night and pulling her closer to you.

27. Telling her everything about your past and your previous relationships.

28. Sharing your food with her, even when you are too hungry.

29. Kissing her on her neck and hugging her from behind when she least expects it.

30. Supporting her biggest dreams and goals no matter how silly and crazy they sound.

Stephanie Reeds