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Everything I Am, I Am Because Of You Mom

everything i am is because of you

Every mother and daughter relationship is special. And I think that daughters understand the meaning of a mother when they become mothers themselves. On this occasion, I want to thank and celebrate my mother for always being there for me and being my best friend.

Mom, everything I am, I am because of you. Everything I own, it belongs to you.

Mom, you always teach me new things, help me grow, expand, and reach the greatest heights. You taught me to never give up and always strive to become a better person.

Mom, you are a beautiful and kind soul. Your edges are tempered and softened with a steel spine. My only wish is to become like you.

Mom, wherever you are, there is my home. You are my home.

Mom, I am the happiest when I see you smile and saddest when I see you cry.

Mom, you gave me everything: you gave me love, you gave me your time, you nourished me, you cared for me, you gave me your soul. I will love you forever.

Mom, it doesn’t matter how old I am, I still need you to hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay.

Mom, there are times when I feel like a failure, but you are always there to remind me of my strength and potential. You never stopped believing in me. In your eyes and heart, I am always a superwoman.

Mom, you are my best critic and my strongest supporter at the same time.

My words cannot express the gratitude and love I feel for you in my heart for everything that you have done for me.

I am so proud of you for being my mother.

Mom… No matter what we go through, no matter how many times we argue, in the end, you are always there for me.

I love you, Mom.

Mary Wright