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25 Things You Can Definitely Expect In A Relationship With A Narcissist


Every person who has been in a relationship with a narcissist knows how charming and endearing they can be. However, the emotional, mental, or even physical abuse can leave you with permanent scars on your heart and make you unable to love and trust again.

Narcissists are masters of manipulation. They hit you where you hurt the most and then have the audacity to blame you for it. They lie, cheat, abuse, manipulate, and gaslight you to a point that you can no longer trust your own perception of things and you will start feeling like you are losing your mind.

Therefore, anyone who is or is about to get in a relationship with a narcissist, here are 25 things that will happen.

1. A narcissist always has to have the last say. The word ‘compromise’ is non-existent in their language.

2. A narcissist never apologizes unless the apology is needed to lure someone back into their web of lies and manipulations.

3. A narcissist will always blame you for everything regardless of whose fault it is.

4. A narcissist will never understand you or have empathy for you and your feelings.

5. Your opinions are irrelevant to a narcissist.

6. Others will always see the narcissist as a better person than you.

7. You can forget about enjoying your holidays and birthdays because they (like everything else) will always be about the narcissist.

8. A narcissist won’t value you, appreciate you, or understand you and mere strangers will have a bigger influence and importance than you.

9. You will lower your expectations to a point that you will end up being satisfied with whatever the narcissist gives to you.

10. You will catch yourself constantly walking on eggshells around them because you will not want to enrage them.

11. A narcissist cannot have honest and meaningful conversations, therefore every time you try to talk to them about something important, they will dismiss you.

12. A narcissist will make you their scapegoat since you will be the one who will be dealing with their insecurities, shortcomings, and their rage.

13. You will get way too familiar with the silent treatment from the narcissist.

14. You will lose your confidence and your love for yourself because everything will be revolving around the narcissist.

15. A narcissist preys on your weakness and vulnerability because it gives them a sense of power.

16. Your relationship with the narcissist will become a vicious cycle of pain, happiness, heartbreak, forgiveness, anger, hope, separation, reunion, and heartbreak again.

17. A narcissist has a habit of ghosting their target and then returning to them as if nothing happened.

18. A narcissist believes that all household chores and responsibilities belong to women.

19. A narcissist is not interested in how your day went; they are only concerned with themselves and their problems.

20. Your self-esteem will be so low that missing them and obsessing about them will become your hobby.

21. A narcissist has a clear image to the outside world whereas if you were to break with them and create a scene, other people will judge you and call you crazy and psycho for putting your foot down because they only see the ‘beautiful’ side that the narcissist presents of themselves.

22. The outcome of your relationship will be TRAUMA.

23. You will become drained physically, mentally, and emotionally to a point of becoming numb.

24. A narcissist will never agree to go with you on counseling.

25. You can free and heal yourself if you cut out every contact with them.

Mary Wright