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Men Say They Want A Deep Woman Until They Get In A Relationship With Her


Deep women are extraordinary human beings. They are brave, bold, and strong-headed. They are open-minded but they don’t take anything for granted. They love deep and passionately and that sets them apart from the crowd of ordinary women.

Deep women are not one of a kind, they are once in a lifetime kind of women. They are intense, passionate, and super curious. They have a zest for life that is inspiring to those around them. Nothing about them is ordinary. They enjoy deep talks about the Universe, art, and love. They are unique in their completeness as women. 

However, even though deep women have kind spirits, intelligent minds, and big hearts, it seems that the deeper the woman is, the harder it is for her to find the right man. Oftentimes they are accused of ‘having too much spirit.’

Men desire deep women, but most of them can’t keep up with a deep woman’s intensity and fiery nature. And here’s why:

1. A deep woman is not a fool. She can see right through a man’s intentions and his true nature. She can see clearly who he is and she always spots a liar and a manipulator. She is everything but gullible. She reads people like open books because her intuition is very high (and correct!).

2. A deep woman is brutally honest. Way too honest. Blunt. Even brutal. She wants honesty more than anything. She keeps her integrity intact by always speaking her mind. With this woman, one always knows where they stand. Her brutal honesty may sometimes be a little too much and some people can’t handle her level of frankness.

3. A deep woman wants a deep relationship. A deep woman takes everything seriously in her life. That includes her relationships as well. She is not interested in hookups and flings because she doesn’t want to waste her time. She looks only for a relationship that has future and depth. She wants to know everything about her man, she wants to understand the things that shaped him. She wants someone who will add value to her life.

4. A deep woman is hungry for consistency. If there is one thing that a deep woman can’t stand is inconsistency and flaky behavior. She craves a deep connection and strong bonds. She understands that consistency is one of the pillars of a successful relationship and she won’t accept any less than that.

5. A deep woman knows what she wants. Or in this case, who she wants. She wants a man who is sure of himself and with whom she shares similar values and beliefs. When she likes someone she is clear and vocal about it. She doesn’t have to explore her options and date around. She knows the song of her heart and for whom it beats.

6. A deep woman doesn’t fear intimacy. Nor she is scared to get close to someone and risk getting hurt in the process. Contrary, she can’t live without intimacy. She is comfortable being vulnerable around her man. The depth of her character and intimacy go hand in hand and she always cherishes true intimacy over mediocre relationships.

7. A deep woman is intense. Whatever she does, she brings intensity into it. She does everything with passion and a strong determination. That may be intimidating to others. Her thoughts, as well as her emotions, are intense and not everyone is strong to handle her depth and intensity.

8. And she won’t wait for you. She will never wait for a man to decide whether or not he wants to be with her. She is deep, passionate, and strong and she will never waste her emotions on someone who doesn’t deserve her and doesn’t appreciate her depth. She wants to find deep love, but she is not afraid to be on her own also.

Gentlemen, if you are lucky enough to have a woman like this in your life – never let her go!


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Mary Wright



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