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Men Give Their Opinion On Why Women Fall For Bad Guys


Have you ever wondered why do some women stay in abusive relationships?

Why do women get attracted to bad guys? This may sound like a cliché, but there is no doubt that there are many women out there who are drawn to men who are bad for them. Some women would rather remain to her toxic and violent partner than listen to their gut and leave the abuser.




Why is that? Is it about their adventurous nature? Money? Fame? Or, something else?

Many men believe that women prefer a guy who has money and showers them with expensive presents and trips around the world.

Others say that women stay in a bad relationship because they don’t want to leave their comfortable lifestyle and mansion and return to their old apartment.

And there are those who say that women want bad guys because of their exciting and passionate nature because good guys are boring to them.

TUKO.co.ke asked Kenyans why women tend to ignore good guys and fall for bad ones instead, and here’s what they said:


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