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5 Reasons Why Your “Mean” And Blunt Friend Is Your Best Friend


We all have that one friend who give us tough love every once and a while. The one who is always brutally honest and blunt and tells like it is without. Sugarcoating and white lies are things that are foreign to them.  

And while their honest and sometimes harsh words can hurt – here’s why you should respect and appreciate them. Because your blunt friend is really your true friend who only wants the best for you.

1. They Keep It Real

This means that they will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts. This does not mean that they are being cruel to you. There is a difference between cruelty and tough love. You may perceive their brutal honesty as a bad thing, but they are rare gems who only want the best for you.

Your blunt friend won’t lie to you to spare your feelings. They will always tell you the things you need to hear instead of telling you the things you want to hear. And there lies all the difference. You can always believe them that they will tell you the truth.

2. They Push You to Become A Better Person

We are not perfect. We all have our flaws and shortcomings. And real friends will tell us what our flaws and mistakes us and inspire us to improve ourselves and become better people. But not every friend of yours will do this. Only your blunt and honest friend will tell you like it is.

3.  You’ll Always Know Where You Stand with Them

Your blunt friend will never pretend to like you to be your friend. They are not friends with people they don’t like. So, you’ll always know that if they are friends with you, they like you and you two have a strong and lasting friendship.

4. They Won’t Let You Get Harmed

Because they mean what they say, and they always say what they mean, they will be the first person you can go to whenever you are in danger or have a problem. They will always have your back. They will never say one thing to you and then talk sh*t behind your back. Also, they will be the first one to step up in your defense when someone says something bad about you.

5. They Don’t Hesitate to Apologize

Saying sorry can be hard for some people. For blunt people, it is not. They are not scared or ashamed to say they are sorry when they do something wrong. Because just as they are harsh and honest with others, they are harsh and honest when it comes to themselves.

And that’s why you should respect and love your “mean” blunt friends! Go on, share this post with them and tell them how much grateful you are to have them in your life.

Mary Wright