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Meet Lacy Flay: The Vintage Lady Who Lives Every Day Like It’s 1958


I know a lot of people who would do anything to go back to those simpler times when everything was built to last and everyone had more respect and love for one another. Back when women wore frilly petticoats and slim sheath dresses, pencil or circle skirts, kitten heels, brooches, or small hats and men were always sharp-dressed with high waisted pants, tuxedos, vests, and glasses.

And then there are people who are actually living the dream.

Meet Lacy Flay, the vintage lady who lives in 1958.

Lacy fell in love with the spirit of the 50s listening to the stories her grandparents told her as a little kid. She says that life was much simpler, and therefore much more pleasurable back then. Her obsession began when she first tried on a vintage outfit and put on a vintage makeup. That was the moment when she finally saw herself for who she really is, or in her words, when she found her “authentic self”.

But she’s not alone in this. Her husband Dave enjoys his role as a 50s husband as well. He says that many people stare at them in public, wondering why are they dressed in authentic vintage outfits. Especially Lacy. Every time she gets out in public, people can’t take their eyes off her.

When asked how she feels about that, she says, “You should do what makes you feel beautiful, and dress however you want to dress that makes you feel the most like you.”  

You go, girl! I absolutely agree with you.

However, her obsession goes a long way. It’s not only about 50’s clothing style. Their home is also 50s inspired and the house interior is just proof of their love for that era. She says that she didn’t want her home to look like a 50ies museum, but more like an authentic 1950s home. And she really succeeded in that.

Her kitchen also resembles an authentic, 50ies kitchen. It’s painted in teal and all of the appliances are the same that have been running for 70 years. Pretty impressive!

However, the only room that it’s not decorated to like a 50s room is her son’s room. At first, the whole thing was awkward to him, but then in time, he got used to it.

“It feels so normal to me now that I wouldn’t really think of it as different anymore,” Conner says. “Now it’s fun to go to the thrift store and find something that just makes our house perfect.”

“I understand that to the outside folks looking in, it could be weird, but I think everybody is weird in their own way,” Fay concluded. “Everybody is nerdy about something and it might as well be something that you love.”

Well, what can I say… I guess every dream is possible if you work hard on it. And, yes. We should definitely live our dreams and spend our entire lives doing the things that bring a smile on our faces. Life is too short for anything less than that.

Below is a video of a lovely family. Check it out if you want to know more about their unconventional life.

Stephanie Reeds